Clif Mojo Bar: Honey Roast Peanuts

The Clif Mojo Bar is EXACTLY what it is advertised as. “Sweet and salty trail mix bar.” Clif makes some great stuff. The texture is completely different from the normal Clif Bars that are dense and packed. The Mojo bar is basically trail mix “glued” together by some sugary substance and it’s really, really good. Maybe because I picked a flavor I know I would like — Honey Roast Peanut (roasted peanuts & pretzel pieces). A complete different texture than normal Clif Bars, but equally good. As far as the stomach goes, I think the regular Clif bars kept me fuller longer, but then again, they are higher in calories. I can’t wait till I get to try their other varieties.

Retail: $1.49 at Ralphs
My Cost: $0.25 on sale plus doubled coupon
Calories: 200 each
WW: 5 points


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Filed under Bars, Organic, Snacks, WW: 5

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