Ten Ren Green Tea Wasabi Peanuts

wasabipeanutsjpegI’ve been eying these at Costco for a while now, but I was afraid of wasting $7.99 on a huge bag and regret it later. When I made my trip to Costco for my Starbucks giftcards ($100 worth for $80 bucks), I saw that these little babies were on sale. Clearance I think. I couldn’t wait and I ripped opened the bag in the car and popped one into my mouth. OMG… delicious. Right then and there I wished I had a nice cold drink to wash it down. The peanut is encased in a shell of wasabi. It’s a perfect combination of salt and spice. The wasabi is mild in my opinion because I’ve had stronger, but I’m a person that can take spiciness. Once in a while you get that spicy feeling that runs up your nose as you would get when you sometimes overdose on wasabi. But it is so worth it. And they are soooo addicting. Each nut is pretty big too. 1/3 of a cup (apporx 30 grams) is 150 calories which isn’t that bad because nuts in general have a lot of healthy fats in it which makes them a little high in calories. Just as long as you eat them in moderation. Plus, they are on clearance at Costco for $5.97 for 1 pound which is a steal because the Ten Ren Store sells this size for $10.99. I’m guessing Costco is discontinuing it soon. Note to self: must stock up. It goes really well with ice cold beer, coffee, or tea.

Retail: $10.99
My Price: $5.97
Calories: 150 for 30 grams
WW: 3


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Filed under Nuts, Peanuts, Snacks, WW: 3

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