Maeda-en Matcha Green Tea Powder

matchateaI love to drink tea so I’m constantly looking for new ones to try.  I am already a big fan of green tea, but after browsing through the Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets at Borders the other day, a few little ideas got stuck in my head and drinking green tea matcha was one of them. It was a fun book to browse through, but most of the tips are all over the net, so save the money to buy some green tea matcha instead of the book.  According to the book, matcha green tea is a “…concentrated form of tea in which one cup is the equivalent of eight to ten cups of green tea. It boosts your metabolism and also cuts sweet cravings.”  I picked up this Maeda-en Matcha green tea powder at Mitsuwa because it looked the most authentic. This tiny canister set me back $10.99, but it’s well worth it. It tastes really authentic, like the tea they serve at quality sushi restaurants. The only problem I have with this tea is that it doesn’t dissolve well in my hot water. There is a lot of clumpy settlement on the bottom of my cup. I looked up how to brew matcha green tea on the Maeda-en website, and I think I need to invest in a tea whisk.  Overall, I really like this tea, but after I finish this, I might try to find a better dissolving one. Maybe it’s all in my head, but this tea does curb my sweet cravings. Hope it really boosts my metabolism as well.

Retails: $10.99 at Mitsuwa
My Cost: $10.99
Calories: 0
WW: 0



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4 responses to “Maeda-en Matcha Green Tea Powder

  1. FollowMyWeigh

    i’m always telling myself to drink green tea on a regular basis…never works though!!

  2. I LOVE matcha! it’s so fragrant and satisfying and heart-warming…and you can add it to anything! soymilk, yogurt, pancake batter, coffee…go have fun experimenting with it while raising your metabolism~

  3. Neat! Sounds like you need a tea ball. You can buy them at your local supermarket or at a place like Williams Sonoma.

  4. mitsuwa is the best :)

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