Trader Joe’s Spanakopita

spanakopitaTrader Joe’s was sampling these the last time I visited them. They give 1/2 of a triangle, which I thought was a pretty generous portion given the fact that one box only has 12 triangles in them. With such a big size sample, I could really get a feel and taste of what these really are. I like how these are so flaky and slightly crisp after they come out of the oven.  The inside is filled with spinach, ricotta and feta cheese, but I thought that these were kind of bland and oily (probably from the melted cheese).  I wished these had more flavor because these would make great appetizers or a light snack. I looked at the stats after I had sampled one and surprisingly, it didn’t look too bad for the 1/2 of one that I ate, but one can easily polish off the entire box and that would equal to a 720 calorie disaster. My verdict on these would be that they are nice to sample once in a while, but I would not purchase these for myself.

Retails: $3.59 at Trader Joes (12 piece box)
My Cost: Free Sample at Store
Calories: 60 each piece
WW: 1 point each



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6 responses to “Trader Joe’s Spanakopita

  1. I’ve seen those! They look good, but I don’t believe they will satisfy me even for the full portion!

  2. FollowMyWeigh

    i’ve seen these too! glad they weren’t all that – just makes another item to easily bypass at trader joe’s ;).

  3. those look pretty tasty. you find some good things at TJs

  4. These look really good! Although, I would probably polish off the whole box instead of just 1 serving!!

  5. I have tried those, too. I agree with you – just o.k. tasting and hard not to want to eat the whole box of them!

  6. I so wish we had a trader joes around here! I’ll have to pick these up if I ever find a TJ :D

    Happy New Year hun!

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