Queen Mary Lavender Earl Grey

queenmary1 I like to drink tea, and most people around me know that about me. When my friend went to visit Seattle, she brought back this lovely gift. Queen Mary’s Lavender Earl Grey. Queen Mary is a local tea shop that serves fine tea and everything that goes along with it. The store is decked out Victorian style which adds elegance to your tea drinking experience. Based on their website photos and the photos my friend took, I absolutely adore the decor!! I would LOVE to visit this place myself when I get a chance to visit Seattle.  Queen Mary has a lot of different tea blends that all look very interesting. The Lavender Earl Grey that my friend brought back is fabulous.  It is a soothing bed time drink because the scent of lavender is suppose to be relaxing and helps you sleep better.  The purple buds against the earl grey is ascetically pleasing as well. I like the whole presentation of it, especailly when it is served with a fine bone china tea set.

Retails: $7.99 online
My Cost: Free (gift from friend)
Calories: 0
WW: 0


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