Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks

back2nautregrahamsticksMy Annie graham bunnies are long gone so I decided to restock. Sitting conveniently below them were these Back to Nature Honey Graham sticks. They looked pretty interesting, and since I did have a coupon, I decided to go with these instead. No hydrogenated oils, no refined sugars, no artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors, these looked pretty decent. 14 sticks are 130 calories and 3 WW points. The sticks looked bigger on the box so I was disappointed when the sticks were about the size of those ready to eat carrot sticks. The graham taste is not strong and the sticks were pretty dry. These kind of looks and feels like dog biscuits.  Not horribly disgusting, but not great at all. These did not taste that sweet, but one serving has 11 grams of sugar and looking back at the Annie graham bunnie stats, one serving has only 6 grams of sugar and both servings are about 30 grams so it is fair to compare. Annie is one up in the graham cracker department over Back to Nature in my books.

Retails: $2.39 at Target
My Cost: $1.69 with coupon
Calories: 130 per 14 sticks
WW: 3



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2 responses to “Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks

  1. FollowMyWeigh

    i still need to try those bunnie graham things~ yesterday i saw goldfish grahams which i thought was really interesting!

  2. I love those bunnie grahams. :D

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