McDonald McCafe “Non-Fat” Cappuccino

mccafe_02 I had such a bad day today!!! I’m seriously thinking about boycotting McDonalds for I don’t know, maybe, FOREVER!! I normally don’t eat at McDonalds anyways, I just come here for the occasional vanilla ice cream cone. With all their McCafe advertising, I fell for it and decided to try out their cappuccinos. I’ve tried their ice latte before and thought it was too sweet so I gave them a second chance and tried their “sugar-free” vanilla ice latte as well, but it wasn’t really sugar-free because they sweeten it suraclose.  The iced coffee from McDonald is already on my no-no list, but the new line of hot drinks still intrigued me. I went to the drive thru and specifically ordered the non-fat medium cappuccino.  I repeated non-fat three times during my order because I know that if they didn’t use non-fat milk, the other choice would have been full fat whole milk. I drove to the window, paid my $3.18 for a medium size, and got my drink. At the first sip I knew I didn’t like the drink. It just tasted like hot milk with a faint hint of coffee flavor. While I was driving, I was wondering to myself how many times people get the customer’s order wrong and how would the customer know what kind of milk they used. The more I thought about it, the scarier it got, all while sipping on my drink. My drink  had a very rich milk taste and was not as watery as my other non-fat coffee drinks. I had a hunch that my drink was off.  When I finally stopped, I looked at my receipt and I noticed that it did not say “non-fat cappuccino” which makes it the default full fat cappuccino. I was beyond upset at this point so I called the number on the receipt. Nobody picked up which got me even angrier. On the fourth call, someone did pick up and I asked them if they served non-fat versions of their cappuccinos and he said “yes.” I asked him how they would distinguish between the full-fat and non-fat versions and he said that they have different buttons and it would display on the reciept as well as the monitors where they make to order. At this point I told him that I just stopped by for a “non-fat” cappuccino and nowhere on my receipt does it say “non-fat” so I was assuming that they gave my full-fat milk.  He apologized profusely and offered to make me a new one, but I was not going to drive back just for a lousey drink. He asked if there was anything he could to do to fix it. I told him I had already drank 1/2 of it so there was nothing he could do.  I normally wouldn’t get so worked up about a messed-up drink, but I had dim sum for brunch which was A LOT of calories and the drink just pushed me over to crazyland. In hindsight, it was 80 calories versus 140 calories, I can live with it, right? Next time I want some coffee on-the-go, I’m sticking to starbucks and I’m keeping an eye on the barista when he/she is making it.

P.S: Asian guy at McDonald’s… I’m sorry. Thanks for putting up with me.

Retails: $3.18 for medium
My Cost: $3.18
Calories: supposedly 80
WW: 2



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8 responses to “McDonald McCafe “Non-Fat” Cappuccino

  1. omg, that would totally piss me off too! especially when you specifically mentioned “non-fat” THREE times! yup, starbucks still rules, despite the crazy price….but I see Mcdonald’s isn’t that cheap either!

  2. I would be frustrated with that too!! Thanks for letting us know about the drink though…I had been interested in trying one since they are pretty cheap!

  3. FollowMyWeigh

    blegh i hated the sugar free vanilla latte too. …yea i think i’m sticking with starbucks for the coffee too. ooh i totally want dimsum now though…even though it’ll be a tidal wave of calories! sorry for the bad experience!!

  4. haha, no worries. I get like that when people give me regular soda when i ask for diet. YES I can tell the difference and YES it does matter to me.

    Kelly Turner

  5. Yep, it sucks, but its not the end of the world!

    It’s the new year that helps us put things into perspective. There may be some people who would wish they could afford a “gourmet coffee.”

    Hang in there, take a deep breath – it’s okay!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Joe

    McDonald’s is really smart to add so many new coffee products to their menu, this will drive up their average revenue per customer a lot

  7. Yuck, that’s why you don’t trust McDonald’s with coffee, but i doubt Starbucks is that good either, I would just go to a normal cafe, not a huge million dollar brand.

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