Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Tropical Passion Tea

tp1Did you guys know that January is National Tea month? I sure didn’t. I found that out from Liz over at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. She was kind enough to share some tea brewing tips from Dave De Candia, Master Tea Blender with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

* Water temperature: Never use boiling water to make tea.  Boiling water burns the tea leaves and diminishes the flavor.  The ideal temperature is between 185 and 190 degrees.  If you’ve let the kettle start to boil let the water sit for 30 seconds so the water cools slightly.

* Amount of tea: Use one tea bag per 1-2 cups of water or for loose tea use one teaspoon of tea leaves for every cup.  Never reuse a tea bag – the flavor will have been used in the first cup.

* Steeping: Exactly how long you should steep your tea depends on the type of tea; however, most teas begin tasting bitter after seven minutes of steeping. Steep green tea for about three minutes, oolong and black teas for about five minutes and herbal teas for about seven minutes.  Remove the tea bag immediately after use to avoid burning the leaves – this will make the tea taste bitter.  Remember that tea bags take less time to brew than loose tea leaves.

* Strength: Some people like strong tea.  My motto for strong tea is, “Add more tea, not time.”  Steeping the tea for more time will only reduce the flavor, not increase the strength.

* Additions: When adding both lemon and sugar, add the sugar first. If the lemon is added first the citric acid will prevent the sugar from dissolving. Cream should not be added to tea as it interferes with the taste but personal preferences vary.

Thanks for the tips Liz. Way before when Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf was abundant where I lived, I frequented often for their Tropical Passion Tea Latte so when I saw that they had this tea at Ralphs, I had to pick it up. The tea bags are silky and in a pyramid shape. So elegant. I almost feel bad for throwing the tea bag away. I thought I could recreate that tea latte at home with the tea in my hand, but it was a failure. I heated up 1/2 a cup of vanilla soy milk, 1/2 a cup of water and  added the tea pyramid.  I let it steep for a few minutes and then removed the tea bag. I think it failed because I need to add some vanilla powder or vanilla syrup in it. My homemade tea lattes are still a work in progress. Hope it will turn out better next time.

Retails: $8.50 at Ralphs
My Cost: $8.50
Calories: 0
WW: 0



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7 responses to “Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Tropical Passion Tea

  1. National tea month? Really? That is awesome!

  2. FollowMyWeigh

    these are really good tips! i like that motto – add more tea not time. i usually always add more time b/c i never knew better haha

  3. tea lattes? what makes a latte a latte?

  4. Matt- Hope I know what I am talking about. To my knowledge, a tea latte is very strong tea with steamed milk and sweetener. (Usually 1/2 tea and 1/2 milk.) Coffee shops usually add vanilla syrup or vanilla powder to the drink to give extra flavor. =)

    I’m not sure what makes a latte a latte, but I think it refers to a drink that is mostly composed of milk?

  5. Jen

    I am another fan of the tropical passion tea latte! I love it so much but can’t stand to pay $4 every time I go. Let me know when you have perfected your homemade latte’s.

  6. Lori

    I too no longer live near a Coffee Bean and am hoping to be able to create my own tea latte. I just ordered the pomegranate blueberry tea and vanilla powder from Coffee Bean’s website. If you look under the “Our Stores” tab on the site you’ll see “Featured Drinks.” It gives recipes for each of their drinks, including the tea lattes. Good luck to all of us! :)

    • Lori

      As of 9/10/09, their website has changed and when you follow the links I listed above, it takes you to their fall drinks, but no recipes. :( I just made a Pomegranate Blueberry tea latte, though, by brewing a cup of the tea, then adding 1/4 cup of their vanilla powder, then steamed milk (about 1/2 cup + froth on top). It was delicious!

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