Baskin Robbins BRight Choices (Free Ice Cream on Jan. 15th*)

bc_detailsThe gym and ice cream usually don’t mix together, but on January 15, 2009 it does. Baskin Robbins is handing out free 2.50 oz scoops of their BRight Choice ice cream to people who show proof that they belong to a gym. Although free, I was going to pass, because Baskin Robbins is not known to be very diet friendly, especially when it comes to their shakes. In case you guys forgot, the worst drink in America, according to the Men’s Health magazine is from Baskin Robins– a whopping 2,310 calories and 108 grams of fat in their Large Heath Bar Shake. Click, click, click, I came to the products details page. Surprisingly, their new line of BRight Choice is diet friendly, ranging from 80 to 140 calories per 2.5 oz scoop. Some are even fat-free. Needless to say, I’ll be visiting the gym as well as Baskin Robins coming Thursday. My dessert of choice will be the premium churned, reduced fat , no sugar added pineapple coconut ice cream for 100 calories and 4 grams of fat.

Retails: Not sure
My Cost: Free (w/ proof of gym membership)
Calories: 100 per 2.5 oz scoop
WW: 2



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4 responses to “Baskin Robbins BRight Choices (Free Ice Cream on Jan. 15th*)

  1. Interesting concept BR has. I don’t have one nearby where I live though! Oh well!

  2. thanks for the tip! i will venture to a 31 flavors for sure!

  3. 2310 calories? that sounds delicious

  4. lol! for 2310 kcal, it BETTER be delicious!

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