Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt


This is for all you Pinkberry fans out there. With so many “Froyo” store popping up, it’s hard to have brand loyalty.  Pinkberry was one of the first “Froyo” pioneers, and now they are celebrating their 4th birthday by offering BOGO coupons for everyone. Between Jan. 10 to Jan. 25, buy one small with one topping, get one free. Bring a friend and enjoy!! Pinkberry has the original flavor, green tea, and pomegranate. Original with blueberries was what I got and it was delicious!! I loved how big and fresh their blueberries were!

Retails: $3.45
My Cost: $1.73 (split cost with friend)
Calories: 150 for original small (topping not included)
WW: 3



Filed under Dessert, Eat Out, WW: 3, Yogurt

2 responses to “Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt

  1. notimetoweight

    I am ADDICTED to this type of yogurt. They are opening an official Pinkberry in our area soon but it’s still 25 minutes away (which is probably a good thing! lol). I get the original flavor w/ blueberries too!

    Thanks for the coupon head’s-up. Now I gotta get to the site and see if our local one is opening up by the 25th :-)

  2. FollowMyWeigh

    i think i liked the green tea one~ no pinkberries in chicago though, just red mango, which i have yet to try

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