Jamba Juice Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal

jamba_oatmeal_couponI guess everyone is jumping on the “healthy breakfast” bandwagon nowadays. First, it was the Starbucks who pushed out their line of breakfast which included the “Perfect Oatmeal.” Now, Jamba Juice wants a piece of the breakfast market and they are introducing their Organic Oats. From now until January 31, 2009, it’s only $1.00 with this coupon. I know oats are super easy to make and your homemade ones are way better and healthier than this one, but for an on-the-go option, this is not too shabby considering each bowl has about 5 to 6 grams of dietary fiber and 8 to 9 grams of protein. They all clock around 290 calories and below as served. (You can save yourself 40 calories if you skip the brown sugar crumbles). Their line up of Organic Oat includes: Fresh Banana, Blueberry & Berries, and Apple Cinnamon for their toppings.

Retails: $2.95 (way too expensive)
My Cost: $1.00 with coupon
Calories: 280 to 290 calories (as served)
WW: 5



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9 responses to “Jamba Juice Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal

  1. I’ve seen this… haven’t tried it yet but I should maybe give my own a go based on theirs =) I love taking good “out” things and making them “in” and healthier at home.

  2. Neat. I had no idea they had oatmeal now. I shall check it out!

  3. notimetoweight

    I was there today and saw these and grabbed the little leaflet. Great to know about if you are in a pinch and need something healthy. Our location only serves it until 11am … Thanks for the coupon heads-up!

  4. FollowMyWeigh

    cool! didn’t know they had oatmeal, well i guess its pretty new~ maybe i’ll try it someday!

  5. Glad to see the hype about oatmeal everywhere!

  6. where do you find all these coupons?!?

  7. Matt – Haha… I have a spam account where I sign up for company newsletters so that is how I know about those promotions. =)

    Has anyone tried their oatmeal out yet?

  8. molly

    I tried the oatmeal today for free because they were giving out samples and thought it was delicious! :)

  9. alley

    i get the apple cinnamon oatmeal before week a couple times a week, its so good! and it keeps you filled up. everyone should try it!

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