Fresh & Easy Belgian Chocolate Bar Dark 72% Cocoa with Cocoa Nibs

01-21-09_2149I’m a big fan of chocolate, especially dark chocolate because I feel that white chocolate is too sweet and the flavor in milk chocolate is diluted. Plus, dark chocolate is better for your health anyways. I normally purchase individually wrapped dark chocolate pieces because I can portion 1 piece a day and I can be satisfied. Having an open bar of delicious chocolate lying around is just asking for trouble, but I couldn’t resist when this Belgian Dark 72% Cocoa bar was on sale at Fresh & Easy. Normally $1.99, it was reduced to $0.99. I’m so glad I purchased it because it is delicious! Rich dark chocolate with bits of cocoa nibs. What a perfect way to end the night. There are a total of 10 squared in the bar, so divide it up, it is only 52.5 calories a square. Fresh & Easy turns national brand items into their own private label products just like Trader Joe’s. Just browsing the store, I can spot a lot of product similarities such as: the pretzel chips, pretzel sticks, peanut butter pretzel nuggets, huge chocolate bars, popcorn, nuts, cereal bars, etc. Some of the items are cheaper at F&E too. F&E is really a hidden gem for foodie lovers.

Retails: $1.99 at F&E
My Cost: $0.99 on sale
Calories: 210 per serving of 4 squares (52.5 a square)
WW: 5 ( or 1.25)



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7 responses to “Fresh & Easy Belgian Chocolate Bar Dark 72% Cocoa with Cocoa Nibs

  1. All I have to say is: Yum!!! I love the bars with cocoa nibs in them!

  2. oh dark chocolate sounds so good right now…

  3. Oh yum, dark chocolate!

  4. I know how the “open bar of chocolate laying around” goes, I have been nibbling my bar for 2 days now! i figure 2 pieces a day wont hurt anybody! I love dark chocolate yumm!

  5. FollowMyWeigh

    Fresh & Easy? Why have i never heard of this place??

  6. Yum, I love dark chocolate!

    I’ve actually never tried TJ’s greek yogurt or Euro-style. I’ll try the euro-style today and update!

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