Vitalicious: Vitatop & Vitabrownie Sampler

vitatopssampleHuge thanks to Ira over at Vitalicious. She sent over the most generous samples ever!! Last Wednesday, I was greeted with a HUGE box of Vitatops. I opened it and it was Vitatops galore. A box of Velvety VitaBrownies, and a whole mess of different variety Vitatops, including Velvet Chocolate, Banana Nut, Double Chocolate Dream, Deep Chocolate, Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip, Golden Corn, CranBran, AppleBerryBran, MultiBran and BlueBran. I immediately put my stash of goodies in my already over stuffed freezer. I can’t believe how good these are. Only 100 calories, 1 WW, and 4 to 7 grams of fiber for most of Vitatops and Vitabrownies. How can something so delicious be only 100 calories. Vitatops and Vitabrownies makes such a guilt free dessert. For the past week, I’ve been enjoying my nights with a heated Vitatop with either a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a tablespoon of yummy peanut butter. Really delicious and very satisfying for my sweet tooth. I cannot have it any other way! Vitatops and Vitabrownies are gifts from the diet Gods. I can foresee that I will be a life time Vitalicious supporter. I am officially on the Vitatop/Vitabrownie bandwagon. Expensive, yes, but to me, they are worth every penny. Time to order me some more Vitatops and some VitaMuffins while I’m at it. I know that the Vitalicious brand already has a lot wonderful supporters. So tell me, which flavor is your favorite?

Retail: $35.99 for Sampler Box
My Cost: Free from PR
Calories: 100 calories each
WW: 1



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7 responses to “Vitalicious: Vitatop & Vitabrownie Sampler

  1. Wow, what a great package of vitatops!

    I’ve never had them, but I’ve seen them all over blog land – love that they are 1 point!

  2. I agree! They are the best thing ever! I have one almost every night with some PB2. The deep chocolate is my favorite flavor =)

  3. Oh my gosh, what an awesome package!!

  4. You are so lucky! I’ve always wanted to try those and I can’t find them anywhere. :)

  5. wow people love to send you things. you’re my hero.

  6. I have never had any! They look fantastic but I don’t know what the rage is about- how incredible they sent you such an amazing sampler to try!

  7. Mia Julia

    I’m going to send them an email to see if I can get a military discount :) I would love to include these in the care packages I’m sending to Iraq for mothers day! Everything in MRE’s is full of calories and I know a few mommys who diet even through deployment <3

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