Fiber PLus Antioxidants Chocolate Chip Bar

fiberplusI picked the Chocolate Chip flavor up as well as the Dark Chocolate Almond the other day. I thought for sure I would like the almond flavor more, but that is not the case. The bar has a real chocolate chip cookie feel to it with a lot of oaty stuff on top. Again, very filling and keeps my hunger at bay for hours. Plus, this flavor has less calories too. One bar is 120 calories, 4 g of fat, 9 g of fiber and 7 g of sugar. If I were to repurchase again, it’s going to be the Chocolate Chip flavor. Did I mention that these bars are in a box of 5 instead of the normal 6? I think Kellogs is being a little on the cheap side.

Retails: $2.49 at Target for box of 5
My Cost: $1.13 on sale plus coupon
Calories: 120 per bar
WW: 2


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7 responses to “Fiber PLus Antioxidants Chocolate Chip Bar

  1. Those look pretty tasty. I wonder if they are any good, since foods tampered with fiber additives tend to taste not so good :/

  2. Well, i just found these @ walmart last nite and i remembered this post so i decided to try the chocolate chip ones. They are, to my surprise, really quite good. The only downer is that there’s only 5 per box.

  3. Jack- So glad you like them. I agree that there should be 6 in a box like other bars.

  4. DJ

    They’re trying to compete with the Fiber One bar line, which only comes 5 to a box. So everyone is cheaping out!

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  6. I tried these fiber bars and they are delicious. Better than Fiber One as advertised. Of course, with my luck, I had bought them on a busy work day when I had to skip lunch. So I ended up eating all five of them in one sitting. (Portion control is not my strength). My stomach gurgled for 74 hours but I did not gain weight.

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