Celestial Seasonings: Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride

10664A_CelestialSeasBCelestial Seasoning teas are on sale at Longs Drugs this week (2/27 to 3/5) for $1.99. I think Walmart has some Celestial Seasoning teas for $1.98 all the time, but at my Longs Drugs STILL has lots of Holiday Teas left. Not on clearance or anything, just tucked away at a corner collecting dust. Trying my luck, the Holiday Teas were included in the sale and they rang up to be $1.99 a box. I wanted to try this tea out for a long time. These got high marks from the peeps at IATEAPIE and judging from Jamie’s stash, these must be really good. Very light on the palate. Smells really nice, not as good as a real batch of sugar cookies fresh from the oven, but I can see the connection. I know a lot of you are huge fans of this tea, but I’m not head-over-heals for it. Taste slightly better with milk added. I guess I am not a fan of “dessert teas.”

Retails: $3.49 at Longs Drugs Store
My Cost: $0.99 on sale plus coupon
Calories: 0
WW: 0



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5 responses to “Celestial Seasonings: Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride

  1. hehe aww i’m sorry you didnt like it that much! i just re-ordered another shipment! hehe i love it!

  2. cleanveggiex3

    im sorry you didn’t like the flavor :\
    i personally love this flavor!

  3. I agree with you! I searched high and low for this tea, finally found it and was less than impressed. I guess I was really hoping that it would taste like a sugar cookie! Guess there’s nothing like the real thing ;)

  4. Nope – there’s probably no substitute for real sugar cookies :0) But I like this tea. I think the only teas I found so far that I don’ like are the fruit flavored ones.

  5. nutritiousisdelicious


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