Yummy Earth Lollipops

yummyearthI recently got to try out three delicious Yummy Earth lollipops as sample. Yummy mango, blueberry and pomegranate. What a delicious sweet treat!! Organic with no artificial colorings at all. They dye their “pops” with natural ingredient such as beet juice and the sugar that they use is not HFCS either. Love that I can have healthy alternatives to sweets when sweets are needed. Each flavor gave an intense natural flavor. Blueberry tasted blueberry, mango tasted mango and pomegranate tasted pomegranate. Not the artificial tasting equivalent. The size of the lollipop is pretty small, a little bigger than a quarter, and only about 22 calories each. Great portion control size. I’ve seen these (personal 30 pop bins) at Whole Foods next to the cash register. As much as I like these fruit lollipops, I can’t wait until I find their Super Sour Pops!! I know I’m wired, but I love sour candies.

Retails: Varies
My Cost: Free Sample
Calories: about 22 calories each
WW: 0



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3 responses to “Yummy Earth Lollipops

  1. No HFCS? this is going into my basket for sure! I’d love the mango one! any other flavors?

  2. Sophia- Yup, I like the blueberry flavor as well. ~_~

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