Today’s Tea Barley Tea

02-17-09_0015I believe that this is the second version of “Today’s Tea” that I have tried. This straight barley version has a very strong barley tea taste. Much stronger than the diluted barley tea that they serve at the Korean restaurants. Very enjoyable and cute packaging. Zero calories, and no sugar at all. It is believed that barley tea can help cleanse out the body of impurities and helps reduce stress. Barley tea is pretty simple to brew and make at home. They sell barley tea bags for large pitchers at almost all Korean supermarkets. Enjoy it cool or hot, lovely both ways.

Retails: $0.99 at Korean Market
My Cost: $0.99
Calories: 0
WW: 0



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3 responses to “Today’s Tea Barley Tea

  1. Awh, definitely cute packaging!

  2. That bottle is so cute! Reduces stress? Hm…I may need some of that!

  3. huh.
    never even HEARD of barley in tea!

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