Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Snacks Variety

anniebunniesRemember me loving the Annie Honey Graham bunnies from way back in December. I fell in love and vowed that I would try the other flavors Annie Bunnies had to offer. I love Costco. They had this variety pack for $10.59 plus the coupon book had a $2.75 coupon which made this a super deal. The variety pack come with my favorite, Honey Graham flavor and 3 other flavors that I have not tried yet. It would have been perfect if it had the Sour Cream variety instead of the Cheddar one. Cheddar was my least favorite because it was not quite salty enough. The taste of Pepperidge Extreme Cheddar flavor spoiled my taste buds so I felt that the Annie version did not have as intense of a flavor. Overall, I like this variety pack. Love how these are portioned for me and I can mix up the flavors whenever I want. Beats having 4 different boxes of Annie Bunny crackers open all at once. Great for on the go. I keep a bag or two in my purse just in case I get the munchies. My favorite flavor is the Honey Graham, but maybe that will change once I try the Sour Cream flavor. I thought the chocolate chip flavor tasted really similar to honey graham flavor since the Chocolate Chip flavor is faint. And Chocolate flavor one is good to help satisfy the chocolate cravings. There is a HUGE “150 calories or less” label on the box, but depending on the flavor, the calorie ranges from 120 to 140.

Cost: $ 10.59 at Costco box of 36 bags
My Cost: $7.84
Calories: 120 to 140 per serving
WW: 3



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4 responses to “Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Snacks Variety

  1. Oh yes, I totally love these! I found these at Costco too!

  2. hmm how much do you have to pay to shop at costco?

  3. Matt: I pay $50 a year for the Costco membership. You can add an additional person to the account for no charge (same resident) with that membership. Costco is great!!

  4. I saw these at Costco, too! My favorite is the chocolate chip bunnies.

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