Country Choice Organic Steel Cut, Old Fashion, and Multigrain Oats

oatmealI stopped by Jamba Juice the other day and got another cup of their yummy organic slow cooked oats. Funny that I gravitate towards my oats even when I am out and about. Guess what I found out? I saw the girl in the kitchen throwing away an empty oat container and the brand they use is Country Choice Organic Steel cut oats. I don’t know if that is true for all Jamba Juice, but it was true for my particular store. I recently got a chance to try out 3 varieties of oatmeal from Country Choice Organics:

Steel Cut: Steel cut oat are my go-to oats of choice when I am not in a hurry. I like the texture of slow-cooked steel cut oats. Chewy and creamy and keeps me up and running for ages. So far, steel cut oats are my FAVORITE kind of oats. I’ve made many bowls of delicious bowl of oats with this canister.

Old Fashion: The oats are quick and easy to whip up. When I am pressed for time, these are my go-to oats. Ready in a matter of minutes and fills me up just as well as steel cut oats. Works really well when making Fitnessista’s amazing breakfast cookies. Delish!

Multigrain: Interesting combination. I should branch out more and include more mixes into my morning oats. The shape and texture is similar to the old fashion oats, maybe a little chewier.

I like the organic aspect of Country Choice oatmeal. I eat oats a lot so why not invest a little more for organic. Oats are not that expensive to begin with.

Retails: $2.39 to $2.99 at Trader Joe’s
My Cost: Free
Calories: 150 per serving
WW: 2-3



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10 responses to “Country Choice Organic Steel Cut, Old Fashion, and Multigrain Oats

  1. I used to love steel-cut oats. I like the ones in the WF bulk bins, which are really whole and unrefined. but I recently bought steel-cut oats from Uncle Bob’s and they were horrible! they were too cut-up and just dissolved into the water to a creamy mush. I was so disappointed and just tossed it!
    I’ve never tried multi-grain yet, though. sounds very interesting!

  2. eatlivelovedream

    I tried steel cut oats recently and unfortunately wasn’t a fan:( Darn!

    • I would be happy to give you a coupon to try our steel cut oats. Better yet, stop by a Jamba Juice for breakfast and send me the bill. I’m that sure you will love it.

      John DePaolis
      Chief Cookie Officer
      Country Choice Organic

  3. Oh wow, never tried steel cut! Thanks for the review!

  4. Stephanie:

    Glad you stumbled across our oats at Jamba. We supply all their locations across the U.S. It’s a perfect solution for the days when you don’t have time to cook steel cut oats on your own.


    John DePaolis
    Chief Cookie (and Oatmeal) Officer
    Country Choice Organic

  5. John: Thanks for letting all my readers know that Country Choice Organic supplies all the organic oatmeal that Jamba Juice uses. I’m a fan!

  6. Tammy

    Do you happen to know how jamba juice cooks their Steel cut oatmeal? I picked up some oatmeal and wanna try to make it soon.

  7. Steel Cut News Flash…Country Choice Organic is introducing Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats! Same chewy texture, same great taste, but it cooks in 5 minutes. Our newest canister starts shipping November 1 so start looking for it after Thanksgiving.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

    John DePaolis
    Chief Cookie (and Oatmeal) Officer
    Country Choice Organic

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