Seattle’s Best Coffee @ Borders Bookstore

seattlebest Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to stop by those fancy coffee shops and pick up a cup of joe everyday? But at $3+ a cup, the tab quickly adds up. Well, between now and May 6, 2009, Seattle’s Best Coffee shop (inside Borders) has you covered. Click here for the coupon link. Enjoy a free 12 fl oz beverage on the house. Coffee and books go hand in hand, so take your time and enjoy some personal YOU time while you are at Borders and pick up a book or two. It doesn’t hurt that you can get 40% off with this coupon here (promotion ends May 2, 2009.) So hurry, print your coupons and head on over to Borders. I redeemed my coupon for a Non-fat Almond Latte, which was a little disappointing because it was too sweet and the almond flavor tasted artificial. Bad choice on my part, but I’m sure you can’t go wrong with a cappuccino or something like that.

Retails: Varies
My Cost: Free with Coupon
Calories: Varies
WW: Varies



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5 responses to “Seattle’s Best Coffee @ Borders Bookstore

  1. Oh YEAH! I love Seattle’s Best!

    Just found your blog; it’s great!

  2. Oh fun! Thanks for the coupon :)

  3. Oooh seattle’s best! :P I see it all the time!

  4. what the- it ends one day before I leave for USA!

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