Dr. Kracker Organic Culinary Crisps, Snackers and Flatbreads

drkrackerDr. Kracker must have put some “crack” in their crackers because these are really addicting. Really crispy and crunchy, full of flavor that I can see. The top of the crackers are filled with all sorts of whole seeds such as sesames seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and tons of herbs and seasoning. You won’t find blandness in Dr. Kracker’s artisan-baked goods, just wholesome robust flavors from whole seeds, grains and spices. These crackers may seem dry if you just eat them by themselves so it is best to be portioned out, and enjoyed slowly with coffee, tea, or a glass of wine. Although these are full of flavor already, sometimes I spread a little light cream cheese or hummus on which gives the crackers an extra layer of texture. Simply yet so delicious and fulfilling. I tired the Culinary Crisps line first. The Hummus Maximus was chalk full of seed and flavor with a prominent hint of lemon juice. Next up was the Fire Roasted Crisps with a little bit of heat from the chili peppers. By itself it has tons of flavor already. Sun dried tomatoes with SWEET POTATO along with chili peppers, black sesame seeds and a touch of cheddar. Bursting with flavor all in a bit size cracker. The Apple Crisps had the usual seedy toppings like toasted sesame and flax seeds along with pieces of dried apple bits. This flavor is delicious with cream cheese. The Cherry Semolina had deep cheery red spots almost made it look like these crackers are infected with something. Don’t let the appearance fool you, the  cherries paired with semolina flower and toasted sesame seeds makes this combination irresistible.

The culinary crisp defiantly had more interesting flavors than the Snackers line, but I love how the Snackers line has big sunflower seeds in them which give these Snackers a real nutty flavor. The Sunflower Cheddar Snackers is cheddary and nicely paired with huge sunflower seeds and the Seeded Spelt Snackers also had huge sunflower seeds with yummy toasted sesame seeds all over. I can enjoy them plain, or spread any fruit jam, cheese, nut butter, etc on them. A little cream cheese and some smoked salmon…delish.

These flatbreads are crisp, full of flavor as usual. I can make it light, by just adding a little bit of hummus or cream cheese, or I can make them into lunch by dressing it up with hummus, tomatoes, avocado and smoked salmon. Each flatbread is about 100 calories, 2 WW, 4 grams of fat (0.5 to 2 grams saturated), no cholesterol, 190 milligram of sodium, 11-12 grams of carbohydrates, 3-4 grams of fiber, 0-2 grams of sugar, and 4-5 grams of protein. Of the three flavors: Klassic 3 Seed Flatbread, Pumpkin Seed Cheddar Flatbread and Seedlander Flatbread, the pumpkin seed cheddar really stood out with the large pumpkin seed and delicious cheddar flavor. I even cracked it up and put it in my soup and on top of my healthy salads for the crunch factor. Who needs boring saltine crackers for soup when you have Dr. Kracker.

Overall, I love all the organic artisan-baked crackers and flatbreads Dr. Krackers has to offer. I like that I can see the whole grains and seeds on top of all Dr. Krackers products and also know that they use quality organic ingredients. The crunch factor is huge in their product!! They can be dry if you stuff them in you try to inhale them at lighting speed, but when enjoyed slowly over some wine, tea or coffee, I think they are absolutely divine. The combination and ways to eat Dr. Krackers are endless. Use you own imagination. With the base of everything being so crispy and full of flavors, I don’t think you can go wrong. These are very addicting, so be warned. Check out their website for more interesting ways to enjoy Dr. Kracker. They have great recipes as well as step by step picture tutorials.

Retails: Varies @ Amazon/ F&E/Whole Foods
My Cost: Free
Calories: Culinary Crisp: 100 to 115 per ounce
Snackers: 120 calories per ounce
Flatbreads: 100 calories each
WW: 2 WW



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2 responses to “Dr. Kracker Organic Culinary Crisps, Snackers and Flatbreads

  1. OOoooh, these sound neat!

  2. Those look so good! I’ve been dying to try those!

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