Oikos Greek Yogurt

20090504_oikos The lovely Kristina has been passing out free Oikos coupon around the blogging world. I was lucky enough to receive a few coupons as well. I been so spoiled by Greek yogurt that I can never go back to the regular thin yogurts ever again. Oikos organic Greek yogurts are defiantly one of the couple of brands that I buy on a regular basis. It is thick and creamy and fat free at the same time. My favorite flavor is the vanilla one because the flavor is rich and natural. I hate fake tasting vanilla flavored foods. Another thing I like about Greek yogurts in general is that they offer much more protein than the regular stuff so it keeps me satisfied for longer. I love eating Oikos in the morning with a cup of cereal and some frozen fruits all mixed together to create what Kate calls a “yogurt mess.” You will be surprised at how filling this is, especially when you use a high fiber cereal like TJ’s High Fiber Fruit & Nut Medley or Kashi Go Lean.  Jamie over at Fearless, Fabulous and Full of Life spotted a new Strawberry Oikos at her Whole Foods. I can’t wait till they hit the shelves at my Whole Foods. Keep the new and interesting flavors coming!! If the Strawberry Oikos is anything similar to the Blueberry Oikos, then we have another winner on our hands.

Retails: $1.99 at Whole Foods
My Cost: Free
Calories: 90 to 120 per 5.3 oz cup
WW: 2



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9 responses to “Oikos Greek Yogurt

  1. so glad you like oikos!! yes the strawberry is FABULOUS! can’t wait for you to try it :) oxox

  2. I was surprised I liked it, considering I’m used to Dannon and how sweet that is.

    I’ve read other people have used the Oikos in baking too, like muffins and breads!

  3. oh yes! I received a stack of those free coupons too! I can’t wait to use them, esp after your review!

  4. These definitely need to come to Canada!

  5. eatlivelovedream

    Back when I ate yogurt the greek yogurt was always so filling!

  6. aw thanks for the shoutout, i LOVE me some yogurt messes!!! you are too cute :)

  7. I too am a big fan of Oikos definitely something I try to keep in the fridge.

  8. Sarah

    So I’m a little late on this post, but I’m a HUGE fan of Greek yogurt too. Oikos is fabulous!

    My favorite is just the plain kind, and then I add just a little bit of honey to sweeten it. It’s great.

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