Holey Donuts

holey I was super when my Holey Donuts package to arrive. I don’t even remember when was the last time I had a donut. These are so delicious I can’t even tell that they are low fat and less calories than the ones they sell at Krispy Cream or supermarket bakeries. When these arrived, I immediately created a sample plate for myself.

Cinnamon Donut Holes: Delicious. Light and fluffy with just the right amount of cinnamon and frosting. Four donut holes for just 158 calories.

Jumbo Cinnamon Bun: Back in high school I remember during “nutrition break” I would always buy one of those JUMBO cinnamon bun to much on. Little did I know, I was probably consuming 800+ calories in a matter of minutes. The holey donut jumbo cinnamon buns are only 340 calories for the whole thing. They taste great slightly defrosted, but even more awesome when slightly nuked in the microwave. Truly heaven on a plate.

Boston Oreo: The oreo crumbles on top were delightful and the cream filling when it was slightly defrosted was creamy and oh so good. My next time eating this flavor, I nuked it for 30 seconds, just enough for the outside to be warm, but the custard inside was still cold. It was divine. The custard tasted like ICE CREAM. All that for only 218 calories.

Apple Graham: Tasted like an apple pie. The filing was so delicious. Just 217 calories.

Raspberry Vanilla Truffle: Love the raspberry flavor in the middle paired with the vanilla frosting. Just 217 calories.

The Low Fat Chocolate Crumble, Low Fat Vanilla Crumble, Low Fat Caramel Crumble were pretty much the same, except for the variance in flavor of the toppings. Lower in calories than the rest of the assortments, but just as delicious. Only about 150 calories each.

My favorite has the be the Boston Oreo. The creamy ice cream like filling won me over! I like the honesty of the Holey donut image. They never claim to be a healthy food or tell you to eat their donuts to lose weight. They simply tell you the fact. Their donuts are lower in calories and fat than their competitors. Simple as that. After trying out all the varieties they sent over, I noticed one common trait among the donuts, the base of each donut are pretty much the same, which is slightly sweet, but not deep fried and they dress up each donut with varieties of topping and or fillings. So since they have perfected the base of their donut to be lower in calories and fat, even after adding all the frosting, filling and toppings, the donuts can STILL be lower in calories that their deep fried donut competitors. Aside from the base, I’m sure the recipes of the fillings and topping has been carefully developed as well because I notice that they are not over the top sweet. They keep really well in the freezer so you can honestly have these once in a while with no pressure to finish the whole box. Holey donuts are defiantly worth hitting the gym for.

After reading all about my Holey donut adventure, don’t you want to try some of these yourself to see if they live up to all the hype? Well, here is your chance. I am excited to be able to host my VERY first giveaway. The kind peeps over at Holey donuts has offered to give away an order of their infamous donuts to one lucky reader. All you have to do is:

1) Sign up for their newsletter (bottom right corner).
2) Add me to your blogroll if you have not already done so.
3) Leave a comment telling me “why I would love a low fat donut.”
4) Link back to my giveaway if you have a blog plus tell me in comments (no blog? just e-mail me ^_^)

Contest ends May 21, 2009. Good luck everyone!!

Retails: $11.95 to $21.95 @ Holey Donuts
My Cost: Free
Calories: 148 to 340 calories each
WW: 3 to 7



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22 responses to “Holey Donuts

  1. Casey

    I would love a low fat donut because I have not let myself eat a donut in 3 years. I would love to eat one and not feel guilty about it!

  2. marie

    I’m on the HD email list, and I’d love to win them because they look sooooo tasty!

  3. AnAppleADay

    awesome giveaway!
    i would love to win because i want to share them with my nutrition class.

  4. jk

    i would love to try them because i haven’t had donuts in forever. since i was a lil kid

  5. jayme

    I want to win holey donuts because everyone around the blogworld seems to LOVE them so much.

  6. catherine

    I’m on their email list!! I would love love to try these!! They look so fantastic, and I want to make sure they live up to the hype. ;)

  7. june

    holey! awesome giveaway. I want to try them for myself :)

  8. hyang

    I want holey donuts because I love donuts. Who wouldn’t if they’re so healthy.

  9. hey girl! you are officially on the blog roll and i linked this giveaway in my post here:


    I would love a low fat donut because i was always a huge donut girl as a kid – but now that my metabolism is catchin’ up with me and I wanna stay healthy.. dunkin’ donuts isn’t doing the trick anymore.. so holey donuts is my savior :)

    thanks for such a wonderful giveaway girlie! I definitely have my fingers crossed!

  10. Jill

    I would love some donuts because I have been studying abroad in the Middle East for the past 4 months and the eats, though often tasty, have been waaaay less healthy than I had expected. More oil and white rice, less veggies. But I have stayed culturally devoted and haven’t had a single Western meal or treat since being here!

    I’m coming home in a week and would love to satisfy a craving for some American-tasting sweet treats that are still healthy! They look sooooo delicious….

  11. I would love a low fat donut because I haven’t had a donut in… years, but I don’t want to completely abandon healthy eating to have one!

    I’ve added you to my blogroll.

    I’m excited. Love it!

  12. JW

    I haven’t had a doughnut in years either! I’d like to try these yummy “healthier” doughnuts.

  13. holey donuts are superb!

    i am already signed up for their
    newsletter-simply because i can’t
    get enough of their products.
    donuts that are healthy for you?
    what’s not to loveeee!

    but the main reason why i adore
    these low-fat treats? sometimes
    it is hard finding your favorite
    treats in a not so fat way. so when
    my mom discovered these heavenly
    goodies-i was ecstatic!

  14. Hannah P.

    Why I would love a (low fat) donut… it’s been too long! reunite us please!

  15. :)

    Signed up for the newsletter: check

    Added you to my blog roll: check

    Linked you back in my most recent post: check (see here: http://learningtorelove.blogspot.com/)

    Most important question: Why do I want a Holey Donut?
    Hmm well I think first off, it has been forever and a day since I actually had a donut and so it would be such a treat to have on, especially a healthy version of one (aren’t we all health nuts?). Anyway, I used to eat them every once in a while when I was a little youngin’ because my brother was obsessed! We would go early in the morning before school sometimes as a special treat. I can always remember looking through the glass at all the different shapes, colors, and sizes of those warm mouthfuls of sweetness. The classic white frosted, sprinkle covered one, the maple or the chocolate bar, the donut holes, the cinnamon roll-like one, and of course, the simple glazed. I remember always getting a HUGE glass of cold milk…you just couldnt eat your donut without milk! Oh and strawberries on the side, too! The combo was delicious! :)

  16. Katie M

    I would love to win a low fat donut so that I can indulge in the donutty deliciousness without regret. Donuts are a ‘sometimes’ food, and if the nutrition stats are better, maybe sometimes becomes ‘more often than sometimes’ food :)

  17. I’d love a low fat donut….so driving by the local donut shop wouldn’t be such a tragic molment anymore. I need a rebound so I can get over my dunkin donut loss :)

    Already signed up for the newsletter!

    Thanks! :)

  18. What a great giveaway I haven’t ever heard of anything like this.

  19. I added you to my blogroll :)

  20. Mia

    Just got married and my hubby was just diagnosed with high cholesterol so these would be a GREAT surprise for him for his birthday as a special sweet treat that doesn’t hurt his health. Thanks for the opportunity to win these! Registered for their newsletter. I don’t have a blog:(

  21. We just created a Holey Donuts face book page ( nobody really knows about this yet) we even posted some donut making videos..

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Holey-Donuts/104461279417#/pages/Holey-Donuts/104461279417?v=info&viewas=18802317

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