Honest Foods Bar and Planks

03-30-09_1513At first, I was skeptical because these Honest Foods bars looked pretty small for 210 calories, but these little square are jammed packed and dense so it does a pretty good job keeping me satiated. These had amazing flavors, like it was freshly baked. The clear packaging indicates that they have nothing to hide. All natural ingredients all packed into these 3″ by 3″ squares. I love that I can see all the ingredients. Honest bars recently revamped their packaging and recipe to create a more tasty and lower in calories bars and planks. The planks on-the-other-hand are huge, but each plank offers 2 serving.

Almond Trail Mix (square): It had amazing flavor, with natural almond scent. Dense and kept me fueled between meals. I loved it in my morning yogurt as a mix it along with some fruits and cereal. Simply delicious.

Cran Lemon Zest (square): Has a lemon zing to it with a nice amount of cranberries. I like this combo.

Apple Ginger (square): The apple pieces are minimal and the ginger flavor is not strong at all. Tasted like a really chewy apple pie. Yummy.

Blueberry Vanilla Crackle (plank): Smelled wonderful opening the package. Like fresh wild blueberries. Mmmm…. Lot of whole nuts which makes these extra satisfying. The portion is kind of small for 190 calories, but that is what you get if you enjoy eating granola. The blueberries did not smell or taste artificial. The vanilla flavor was very faint because the blueberry flavor was really strong.

Maple Almond Crunch (plank): MMmmmm…. the maple flavor really hits the spot. This combo of maple and almond is a home run! My favorite combination of all the planks.

Pomegranate Walnut Crisp (plank): Loaded with dried pomegranates and walnut. Because of the pomegranates, the plank tasted fairly tart and tangy.

Overall, I liked these Honest Foods bars and planks. They keep my hunger away and taste amazing. And they have a wonderful philosophy on their foods. One thing I noticed from all the Honest Foods products is that once I opened the package, the aroma of the bars/planks attacks your nostrils, in a good way. They all smell delicious in a natural way. The bars/planks has big chunks of plump dried fruit and whole nuts in them which makes them very scrumptious. The whole new packaging is very attractive too. Very sleek and modern. Will definitely add the Almond Trail mix bar and Maple Almond Crunch Plank to my next grocery list. The bars/planks makes for an amazing yogurt and oatmeal topper!! Good job Honest Foods!!

Retails: SRP $1.49 to $1.69 (bars)
SRP $2.19 to $1.59 (planks)
My Cost: Free
Calories: 190 to 210 per serving
WW: 5



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4 responses to “Honest Foods Bar and Planks

  1. i have always wanted to try the honest food products – glad to hear you enjoyed them so much :)

  2. oo exciting! the maple almond sounds delish!

  3. I’ve never heard of those before, thanks for posting, I will have to check them out!

  4. Those look yummy- I will have to try and find them here in Orlando!

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