Holey Donut Giveaway Results…

holey_donuts_logoThis is my first time hosting a giveaway so I am just as excited as you are. I felt like Santa Clause doing the whole “…making a list, and checking it twice…” So I entered all your names into an excel file and TRIPLED checked that everyone was on the list, and then went to random.org to generate a random integer. And the lucky winner is……  dun, Dun, DUn, DUN…. Erica from My First 5K. Congragulations!! E-mail me your mailing address at theskinnyplate[at]yahoo.com and I will send your information along to the lovely people at Holey Donuts!! Thank you all so much for participating.



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3 responses to “Holey Donut Giveaway Results…

  1. Erica, think of me when you eat those yummy donuts…I’ll be having air-supply donuts for breakfast…lol!


  2. yay I won I never win anything, I can say that no longer. Sorry it took so long to get you my information. :)

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