Ito En Oi Ocha Japanese Green Tea

Ito EnWhen I am at Mitsuwa or Nijiya (they have an awesome food court), I always pick up one of my favorite bottled green tea — Ito En Oi Ocha. I’ve enjoyed this tea for ages and now I have noticed that Whole Foods started carrying the 16.9 fl oz bottles for $1.99. Except for 20 milligram of sodium and 140% vitamin C (based on a 2,000 calories diet), the rest of the stats are zero across the board because this is genuinely an iced green tea that is crap free. So glad that one of my favorite iced tea is getting the spotlight in one of my favorite magazines. Everyday with Rachel Ray (June/July) did a feature on the best bottled green tea (page 56), and It En Oi Ocha came out on top as the best green tea. The judges describe this tea as “rich yet clean and bright”  with a perfect balance of “pleasant toastiness.” I couldn’t agree with them more. BTW, the Japanese markets,  carries the larger 2 liter bottles for $3.99 ($2.99 when on sale). And Costco carries a Kirkland/Ito En green tea bags as well. 100 tea bags for about $12 bucks. What a steal!! Although not the same as the Oi Ocha line, the tea from the tea bags taste great as well.

Retails: $1.69 (16.9 fl oz) at Mitsuwa
My Cost: $1.69
Calories: 0
WW: 0



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7 responses to “Ito En Oi Ocha Japanese Green Tea

  1. Hmmm that sounds interesting! I haven’t heard of that before!

  2. Oh, I’ve seen those 100 bags at Costco. I was going to get them, but there is so much packaging on those. I go through a lot of teabags, and so I resort to buying tetley instead, since they don’t have extra packaging.

  3. That sounds good!

    I like Rachel Ray’s mag, too:)

  4. oh, I love these! what I love most is that it’s natural, and with no sweeteners at all!

  5. Interesting. I always get a little nervous with products where I can’t read the labels. I generally stick to things in English and Spanish. :)

  6. Rachael

    Hey i really want some of this, i live in England and i have no idea where to get it from. Can you tell me ??

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