GNU Flavor & Fiber Bars

GNUThanks to the lovely Robyn, I got to try out some Flavor & Fiber GNU bars. The first thing that caught my eye on the packaging is the whopping 12 grams of fiber. That is nearly 50% of a person’s daily fiber requirement. I assume that these would be the standard 200 calorie bars, but to my surprise, these GNU bars ranges from 130 to 140 calories. The texture of the bar is like a less dense Clif bar, with a lot gritty texture from the unique GNU blend, especially from the flax seed and millet. I had high hopes for these to keep my hunger at bay because of the high fiber content and they did not disappoint. One GNU bar can keep me satiated for a good few hours.  I drink a lot of water when eating these bars and it does an extra good job at keeping me full. When I get the munchies at night, I break off a chunk for a snack and it keeps me satisfied for the rest of the night. Could this be the cure for my late night snacking tendencies?

Peanut Butter GNU Bar: The peanut butter flavor was not strong. Tasted a lot better when I put some REAL peanut butter on top to eat it with. I thought I would like this flavor the best because I love anything and everything peanut butter. Unfortunately, I felt that this flavor was just alright.

Banana Walnut: The banana flavor went really well with the walnuts. Tasted like a banana nut muffin with a lot of gritty texture to it. Like all the GNU bars, it requires extensive chewing because it has so many different texture in it. My favorite GNU bar of the bunch.

Chocolate Brownie: Expect chocolate flavor, but not necessarily a chocolate brownie.

Orange Cranberry: The orange essence is really prominent when I first opened the package. Although the cranberries are big and plump, I feel that the orange essence overpowers everything else which makes this my least favorite flavor. The texture is very moist,chewy and gritty as usual.

Cinnamon Raisin: Taste like an oatmeal raisin cookie. Given the texture of GNU bars, this flavor shines among the pack.

These are not the best tasting bars out there, but they do a really good job at keeping me full without a plethora of calories. With that being said, GNU bars do not taste bad either. Of all the bars that I have tried thus far, GNU bars has the longest staying power. Banana walnut and cinnamon raisin ranks the highest with me. I’d keep these around to help with my late night munching.

Retails: $1.69 @ Trader Joes (limited availabilty)
My Cost: Free
Calories: 130 to 140 each
WW: 2



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10 responses to “GNU Flavor & Fiber Bars

  1. I agree with all of those reviews!! The PB one was meh and the cinnamon raisin is definitely the best! Thanks for your review of the other flavors :)

  2. ah the banana walnut is my FAVORITE though i’ve only tried that one and the cinnamon raisin.. i need to find the chocolate brownie!

  3. i dont mind how these bars taste but they KILL my tummy!! ouchie!!

    glad you enjoyed them xox

  4. LOVEE GNU bars :) especially the cinnamon raisin ones!

  5. I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved the Cinnamon Raisin!! I didn’t think it was going to be my fave, but definitely “shines among the pack” as you said!

  6. LOVE Gnu bars and like you – the Orange one is my least favorite.

  7. ive heard the cinn raisin is good! i also loved that these were a lower calorie count, makes it much nicer to just grab one for a snack

  8. Marcie

    I love the chocolate brownie GNU bars! You are absolutely correct on the fact that they definitely don’t have a brownie essence, but I love anything and everything even remotely chocolate-so these are for me. These bars are great, they keep my energy high and my body regular. Highly recommended!

  9. i feel our tastes are very much in line, i also reviewed these bars. i found them to be pretty meh. cinnamon raisin and banana walnut were the better of them all. the orange one was hard to eat, it tasted like wood cleaner .. AWFUL!! couldnt taste anything else for hours

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