Yogi Tea Green Tea Kombucha & Peach Detox

YogiI’ve always had luck with Yogi Teas. I remember back in the days, before it got all popular, they run for about $2-$3 at my local health store. Didn’t know I was getting a good deal until it went away. Nowadays, these teas run about $4-$5 a box. Lately, this Synergy Kombucha drink has been taking over the blogging world by storm. As much as I would like to try it out, $3.99 a pop is a very steep price to pay for a one time enjoyment. What is Kombucha anyways? After doing a little internet searching, I came to the conclusion that Kombucha is a fermented shroom that results into a live culture drink that is suppose to be really healthy for you and taste like vinegar. Just like Goji berries and Acai berries, products with those words tend to SELL (usually at a premium price). I guess kombucha is the next health trend so it comes to no surprise to me when Yogi had its very own version of kombucha to cash in on the latest trend. When I saw this Yogi Green Tea Kombucha, I decided to give it a try. Green Tea Kombucha is suppose to help fight fatigue, sooth an upset stomach, and boost your immune system. The blend contains organic green tea, organic lemon grass, organic spearmint leaf and kombucha extract . Taste very natural (no vinegar taste) and the tinge of spearmint is very soothing. The things is, with kombucha in a dry form, I don’t know if you are getting the same benefits of the live culture liquid form. Other than that, I like this tea.

Another Yogi Tea picked up is the Peach Detox Cleansing Tonic made with organic dandelions. What I needed a detox tea for I do not know, the word DETOX just drew me to it. This particular blend is suppose to promote healthy kidney and liver functions and I did notice that I went to the bathroom more frequent after I drank this tea. I thought this would have a peachy taste, but I cannot detect any hint of peach flavor in this tea at all. Prominent notes include, pepper, dandelion, and ginger. I went crazy at a bag of salted soy crisps that Newman’s Organics sent over (review coming soon), and I thought for sure that the scale would reflect the water retention the next morning. Surprisingly, the scale did not reflect any water retention at all. I credit it all to this Yogi Peach Detox tea. Nice to keep around when I have those high sodium days. Or for special events where having a bloated tummy is not an option. There are so many teas to choose from that it can get mind boggling sometimes. Depending on your mood, taste, or the benefits you are looking for, Yogi’s website can offer you some recommendations.

P.S: The little words of wisdom on the tea tags are always fun to read.

Retails: $4.99 online @ Yogi
My Cost: $4.99
Calories: 0
WW: 0



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7 responses to “Yogi Tea Green Tea Kombucha & Peach Detox

  1. Kombucha still freaks me out – thanks for the review!!

    Can’t wait for the Newman’s reviews! Love their products!!

  2. Tastes like vinegar? No thank you! :)

    I am going to make myself a mug of Yogi tea right now :)

  3. I really need to try the Kombucha.
    my tattoo artist raves about it nonstop!

  4. ooh, I like the Detox idea -especially for those high sodium days as you said! I’ll keep an eye out for that!

  5. I tried the Yogi tea for colds and thought it tasted awful. But I’m curious about that detox tea! Most “detoxes” are garbage, but dandelion IS a known helper when you’ve had a burrito.

    Haha, I think everyone should have a go-to product for when one has to look good and not have a salt pooch. It drives me CRAZY when that happens.

  6. I have actually never tried yogi tea before, but only seen a limited selection in stores.

  7. Kombucha – you’re right – way too expensive to drink on a regular basis. I still haven’t tried Yogi teas yet and now this will have to be my next tea purchase.

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