Tazo Organic Ice Red Tea & Mango Black Tea

tazoteaAs I said in the Tazo Matcha Concentrate post, I’ve never had luck with Tazo teas so naturally you know that I’ve tried more than just one product to come up with that conclusion. Whole Foods was having a tea sale a couple weeks ago and the Tazo teas were marked down to $1.00 each. Having never tried their bottles teas before, I picked up two bottles. Organic Ice Red Herbal Infusion and the Mango Black tea. If I had read the label more clearly, I would not have picked up the Organic Iced Red Herbal Infusion. I thought it was Organic Iced Red Tea. The herbal infusion is made up with red tea, licorice root (a major no-no), and cinnamon. The taste of the licorice root was icky icky and I do not like the herbal taste at all. Tasted like Chinese medicine. The tea itself is lightly sweeten, but I have learned my lesson. I much prefer unsweetened or regularly sweeten teas. The “in-the-middle” lightly sweeten does not appeal to me when it comes to tea.  Here is a more in depth look at the ingredients: an infusion of (water, rooibos, blackberry leaves, chicory root, black pepper, peppermint, spearmint), cane sugar and citric acid. Each bottle has 2 servings of 8 fl oz for 35 calories, 1 WW, zero fat, zero sodium, 9 grams of carbohydrates, 9 grams of sugar, and no protein. The Mango Black tea is your regular sweet tea that is nice to enjoy on a hot summer day. Much better tasting that the organic iced red tea. I like the complex tropical flavors. Apple juice and pineapple juice mixed well with the mango flavor. I like it iced cold with tons of ice which dilutes it a little which makes it taste lighter and more refreshing. One serving of 8 fl oz is 90 calories, 2 WW, zero fat, 10 milligram of sodium, 22 grams of carbohydrates, 21 grams of sugar, and no protein. Notice the big difference in the calories and sugar department between the lightly sweeten and the normal tea? Yeah, the calories in these teas are basically from sugar. Ingredients: an infusion of (water and blended black teas), cane sugar, concentrated apple juice, natural passionfruit and mango flavors, concentrated pineapple and mango juices, ginger juice and citric acid.

Retails: $1.69 (16 fl oz) @ Whole Foods
My Cost: $1.00 on sale
Calories: 35 & 90 per 8 fl oz
WW: 1 & 2



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4 responses to “Tazo Organic Ice Red Tea & Mango Black Tea

  1. Ah, too bad. I always just prefer my tea plain. Better deal for my bucks to get a whole box of tea bags!

  2. i love my tea plain too rather than sweetened.

  3. mmm i agree – not huge on sweetened teas.. i like to do that myself :)

  4. Tazo teas are the best! I like the Zen tea (unsweetened) with a little soy. I use a couple packets of splenda or Sun Crystals to sweeten..it is yummy!

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