Lipton Tea

04-22-09_1257Big thanks to Stacy for sending over such an impressive array of Lipton teas for me to try out. I am a huge tea fan so these especially made my day. Teas are very versatile and since it is HOT right, iced tea sounds really good just about now.

Tuscan Lemon Black Tea: As I was seeping the tea, I could already smell the fresh aroma of lemon wafting out of the cup. The base of this tea blend is black tea along with real lemon juice. I think they use some form of crystallized lemon juice. Tea and lemon is truly a great pair. The lemon flavor is not strong, so I like to squeeze some fresh lemon into my cup which makes it extra lemony. I dropped a few tea bags in to a large pitcher of water (cut the string) and made some summer friendly iced tea. The triangle tea bags makes these look very elegant.

Vanilla Caramel Truffle Black Tea: Real caramel pieces in the tea bag melts immediately when you seep the tea bag.  The aroma of the vanilla caramel is intoxicating, but when you drink it, the vanilla and caramel taste is lite to minimal. Shall I say, smells better than it taste? Maybe I need to brew it longer? This tea has potential to be a really good dessert tea if only the vanilla caramel truffle flavor was a bit stronger.

White Tea w/ Island Mango and Peach: Lovely tropical combination. The light white tea made the mango and peach flavor shine through. Make a really good summer iced tea. I find that this one taste a lot better when it is a little bit sweeten. The sweetness really brings out the “tropical” flavors.

The green tea varieties includes, Green Tea with Mandarin Orange, which is nice a citricy, but I am not a fan of orange flavors in tea. The combination of Orange, Passionfruit & Jasmine did not go well with me. either. I’m starting to think that I am not a fan of passionfruit since I’ve noticed that anything with passionfruit in it gets low marks from me. Just a personal preference in taste I guess. The cranberry pomegranate green tea is a good combination. And the basic green tea is decent as well.

Normally I am all over green teas, they taste delicious, and are full of antioxidants, but for some reason, I am liking the black and white teas more than the green teas from the Lipton lines. I guess Lipton won me over with their scrumptious flavor parings. Now that summer is in full swing, a constant jug of iced tea is a must in my refrigerator so using up the abundance of tea bags is no problem. Great way to keep cool while still keeping healthy with antioxidants. Lipton has come a long way trying to update their image by coming up with new and interesting tea pairings.

Retails: $3.39 to $5.29 per box @ Ralphs
My Cost: Free
Calories: 0
WW: 0



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4 responses to “Lipton Tea

  1. I love tea, this was a good read! Great review for me, so I don’t waste the moolah :)

  2. Yup, in the summer, iced tea becomes mucho important.

  3. Tea always makes me smile :) what a wonderful assortment!

  4. I love interesting iced teas! Great review! :)

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