Nature’s Path Organic Kamut Puffs

KamutPuffsAfter seeing Kiera’s post about Arrowhead Mill’s kamut puffs cereal, I ventured to Whole Foods to see if I could pick up some. Sadly, my Whole Foods did not carry the kamut puffis in the  Arrowhead Mills brand, but they did carry the wheat, corn, rice, and millet varieties. At first I thought they just ran out, but they did not even have a label on the shelf for them. I settled for the next best thing, Nature’s Path Organic Kamut Puffs. I don’t know what kamut is suppose to taste like, but these oversize grain puffs taste a lot like rice crackers broken into individual rice puffs. No sugar so there was no sweetness to it, but it did have a nutty, almost toasted flavor. I don’t usually eat my cereal with milk, but I did add some milk to it and the puffs held up well. Nice to enjoy a simple cereal without all the whistles and bells once in a while. They can also be use as a filler to bulk up some high calorie cereals or granola. As a cereal by itself, they are not very filling. One cup (16g) is only 50 calories, 0 WW, zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero sodium, 11 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of dietary fiber, no sugar, and 2 grams of protein. My favorite way of eating this is just by the bowlful. It is a great low calorie something to munch on when the late night snack attack strikes. Great for movie nights. I really like minimal eco packs that these come in. No fancy smancy packaging that gets thrown out anyways. When you eat this cereal, you know that you are not eating any synthetic pesticides, synthetic herbicides, preservatives, additives, genetically engineered crap, irradiation, or sewage sludge on fields.

What is good about this cereal?
It’s a whole grain cereal. Whole grains use the bran, germ and endosperm of the entire grain, preserving vitamins, minerals, fiber and photochemicals — a nutritional package your body needs.

On a side note, I almost went back home “puff-less” because I could not find the kamut puffs anywhere in the cereal aisle, but I know they have to have it somewhere because I just saw a guy pushing a cart full of them while shopping. Luckily, he did leave 2 bags behind on the shelf, but it took me a while to find them. Nothing against stocking up in bulk, but Whole Foods is not the store to do it at (unless you are talking about their glorious bulk bins), has he ever heard of Amazon? Way cheaper if he is going to buy so many bags anyways.

Retails: $1.99 per 6 oz bag @ Whole Foods
My Cost: $1.99
Calories: 50 per cup
WW: 0

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Amazing Grass and High Sierra Duffle


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7 responses to “Nature’s Path Organic Kamut Puffs

  1. hmm interesting — definitely a great way to bulk up other high calorie cereals! I think it would be perfect in a nice big bowl of kashi go lean crunch :)

  2. Thanks for the Amazing Grass contest shoutout and the fantastic cereal review :)

  3. This is truly the best cereal ever! I like it by itself, but some people think it’s too plain. Oh well. :D

  4. wow, that’s cheap, and so healthy! I like the minimal ingredients going in there.

  5. I love how much bulk these provide in my morning cereal bowl :)

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