Trader Joe’s Non Fat Frozen Yogurt

Picture 027It is hard to avoid when here is SoCal, froyo stores seems to be at every single corner. There is no hiding from it. Love the tart and tangy taste with fresh fruit and sinful toppings and all the unique flavors that these places seems to be coming up with. When the late night froyo cravings strike, good thing I have this Trader Joe’s Non Fat Plain Yogurt in my freezer at all times. I’m not going to lie, this is only sub par compared to the real thing. Imagine a frozen version of the original tart flavor at Pinkberry/Red Mango/Yogurtland or wherever you get your froyo fix. Tart and tangy. One serving of 1/2 cup is 100 calories, 2 WW, zero fat, 13 grams of sugar, no protein. This claims to have live active cultures in it, but are they even alive after being frozen? The color is pure snow white, whiter than vanilla ice cream. The sugar is pretty high, but don’t kid yourself, just because there is no nutritional information sticker on your froyo cup, doesn’t mean that the calories and sugar are not there. Believe it or not, comparing ounce to ounce, the TJ version has less sugar than the original Pinkberry. Don’t throw the serving size reference out the window, one small does not equal to one serving, it is actually 1.5 and that is assuming the froyo server gives you the exact 5.4 ounce in the cup and not more. Flavored froyo always has more sugar and calories than the original flavor.  When you venture into “self-serve-land” there is always the temptation to fill the cup up (they give you ginormous cups). With any treat,  moderation is the key. I like my self-serve froyo in taro, pistachio and cheesecake in small portions with lots of fruit topping and sometimes cheesecake bites. You do realize that toppings have calories too, right? Everyone loves those “mochi ball” toppings, but how many of you really know how many calories are in them? I’ve gotten them at the Asian market before and according to the label one serving is 30 grams and that is already 100 calories. Have you ever weight those things? A handful of them is already a serving of 100 calories, yikes!! Don’t let your supposedly “healthier than ice cream” treat turn into a calorie disaster.

Retails: $3.49 @ Trader Joe’s
My Cost: $3.49
Calories: 100 per 1/2 cup (95g)
WW: 2



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13 responses to “Trader Joe’s Non Fat Frozen Yogurt

  1. lookingforserenity

    Mmm.. im really craving ice cream! haha, well I emailed you like a week ago, and I finaaaally started my own blog. Its not as cool as yours yet! :) haha, but thanks for giving me inspiration & emailing me back :D You rock!

  2. i agree; not as good as the stuff in the stores but it does satisfy the same craving in a pinch…

  3. oh god the light night froyo craving strikes me quite often :)

  4. Hold the phone – so this stuff actually tastes like REAL froyo not just ice cream!? Sub par is better than no par. We don’t have real fro here, just soft serve ice cream so I need this. Too bad I just got home from TJs ;)

    Thanks for the review!!

  5. Thanks for the review! I have to look for this at TJ’s!

  6. thanks for the review :D
    I really didn’t love Red Mango all too much.

  7. oooh yeah thanks for the froyo reminders…i always think of it as such a light treat but definitely get carried away some time. it’s hard not to with self serve!!!!

  8. I always have a hard time buying frozen yogurt when I can just stick a greek yogurt container in the freezer. :D The texture’s definitely not the same, but still… lowest calories possible that way!

  9. jocelynsteiber

    I’m a-d-d-i-c-t-e-d to Froyo. In NYC we have this great place called 16 Handles (In the East Village) and you can chose from 16 different flavors and 50 toppings! You serve yourself and pay by the pound so you can have as much or as little as you want! AMAZING!!

  10. I’m not a fro yo fan. not that its not good or whatever- we just don’t have any places around here so I never think to go try it. I’d rather have a piece of chocolate at night , ya know?

    but I think its a fabulous review, well-written. I am certainly more inclined to buy TJ froyo next time I shop!

  11. YUM! I love FroYo! I wish I had a TJ! :(

    I’m not a fan of those mochi balls but I had no clue how calorically dense they were!

  12. EB

    I use (and sometimes abuse) TJ’s Tart Cherry Preserves OR TJ’s Lemon Curd on my TJ’s FroYo. If I am feeling really decadent, I use Nutella. OMG!

  13. Iris

    I am a hardcore frozen yogurt fan, and I’ve sampled just about every place within the Tri-City.

    What I didn’t like about TJ’s Froyo was that it was INCREDIBLY starchy, like they had to add a lot of stabilizer in fear that it would melt too quickly. It ended up being a sticky, gummy mess when I would try to eat it, and my tongue felt as well-starched as new dry cleaning after. I do not recommend this.

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