Sonny & Joe Hummus

hummusstack4Sonny & Joe is the new kid on the block. Village-style, smooth and creamy hummus is their specialty. So far, these are only available at selected locations on the east coast, but they are quickly expanding. Hopefully they will come to a store near me soon because I can’t get enough of their Garlic Addiction and Hot Enough Hummus. Hummus, hummus and more hummus. Six tubs of hummus to be exact.

Just Hummus: This is your basic creamy hummus. Not as flavorful as I had hoped, but works well as a spread in my wraps and sandwiches. The hummus is very smooth and creamy. You really haven’t tried creamy hummus until you have tried Sonny & Joe. Really good on already flavored chips.

Garlic Addiction: This is a rich and creamy, garlic explosion hummus. I think this is on par with the Sabra Roasted Garlic hummus. Tons of roasted garlic on the top. Very delicious on my wraps. One of the better hummus I’ve had in a while. I get a lot of satisfaction eating this hummus. It is just so creamy. Easily my favorite. Good with veggies and chips.

Hummus Jalapeno: Big chunks of jalapeno pieces on top. Great hummus. Their basic hummus recipe is good so with the addition of the jalapeno flavor, I liked it a lot.

Hummus Gailee: Personally I am not an olive fan so I would never pick up this flavor if I was shopping for myself. The olive flavor is strong and present. I did not love it nor did I dislike it. Lots of olive bits and pieces on the top which I avoided. Olive lovers will like this. Thick and creamy as usual.

Hot Enough Hummus: Thick and creamy hummus. They sure did not skimp on the chickpeas and thani. Not for the weak because this has quite a bit of heat. It was like fire in my mouth. And if you want an extra boost of heat, don’t forget to dip your chips in the spicy middle part. This has got to be the spiciest hummus I have ever had. Not for the weak. I was expecting more flavor in the hummus. Aside from the heat, I thought the hummus was rather bland. Nothing a little lemon juice and garlic can’t fix. Great with flavored chips.

Babaganoush: I love saying that “babaganoush.” Something about that word just rolls off the tongue really smoothly. Yea, I am kind of a dork sometimes.  Not a mayo fan, but I don’t mind using this to make some egg white salad. The babaganoush is much thinner than the hummus. Strong mayo flavor. Small bits of “seed-like” eggplant is visible. I don’t know what babaganough is suppose to taste like, but I don’t taste any eggplant flavor here.

Sonny & Joe is a very good brand for hummus. You don’t know what rich and creamy hummus is until you have tried some of Sonny & Joe’s hummus. They have even converted one of my friend that was a hummus hater into a hummus addict. He went gaga for the Hot Enough Hummus. This hummus is just as good from the first spoonful to the very last drop. The consistency remains the same even when sitting in your fridge. I am very impressed with the quality of the hummus. Check out their very own blogging spot.

Retails: $3.99 @ Target
My Cost: Free
Calories: 70 per 2 tbsp (hummus)
90 per 2 tbsp (babaganough)
WW: 2-3

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9 responses to “Sonny & Joe Hummus

  1. Is it strange that I’ve never had hummus before? I have GOT to try this on a wrap or tortilla! :D Thanks for the review.

  2. i love saying “babaganoush” too

  3. Hey Stephanie! I love reading your blog! I just started my own. I absolutely love hummus, I just got back from a trip to Israel, and seriously they use it on everything there!

  4. I am so sick of the hummus in the stores by me right now, sonny & joe’s sounds good, I hope I see it pop up soon, I’d love to try it! Thanks, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it!

  5. I really want to try the jalapeno or hot enough hummus! I need some spice!

  6. peanutbutterandjenny

    hummus is a staple in my fridge :)

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