Nutland Foods Berries & Cherries

NutlandFoodsNutland Foods LLC is a small company makes these scrumptious nut and fruit blend snacks that are 100% all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan friendly, trans fat free, and low in sodium. I found out about this company thanks to the little blue bird (aka Twitter). I signed up for the free sample that was so blatantly advertised on their website and their tweets. Received the package today along with my 3 bite sample of their Berries and Cherries. Whole cashews, almonds, pecans, pistachios with cranberries, cherries and blueberries molded together with evaporated cane juice and brown rice syrup. Very glossy from the sugar coating. This had a really good berry flavor from all the dried cranberries, cherries and blueberries. The nuts were big, roasted and delicious. Good snack to hold you over in between meals. Very similar product to Mareblu Naturals and Mrs. May Trio, but I thought the nuts in  Nutland Foods were bigger in comparison to the Mareblu Naturals Pistachio Trail Mix Crunch. Nuts are naturally high in calories from the healthy fats, but it seems a good snack portion of these are not too high in the calorie department for such a nutty snack. One serving (about 6 pieces), is 140 calories, 3 WW, 9 grams of fat (1.5 grams saturated), no cholesterol, 95 milligram of sodium, 12 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of dietary fiber, 7 grams of sugar, and 3 grams of protein. Other tempting flavors includes: Almond Crunch, Pistachios Crunch, Pecan Crunch, Cashew Crunch, and Trail Mix Crunch. Available at Whole Foods and Metropolitan Market and online. Want to try some for yourself? Sign up for their free samples here. Follow them on twitter @Nutlandfoods. Follow me on twitter @theskinnyplate

Retails: $4.99 per 5 oz pack @ Nutland Foods Online
My Cost: Free
Calories: 140 per serving (6 pcs)
WW: 3

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13 responses to “Nutland Foods Berries & Cherries

  1. Thanks for linking back! Love your blog! :-)

  2. ohh the cashews would probably be my favorite :D

  3. healthnuttxo

    oooh, do these taste like mrs. may’s? i LOVE mrs. may’s cashew crunch!! but they stopped selling it at my local BJ’s and i dont wanna buy them online. :(

  4. Yum those sound delicious! Thanks for the free sample link :)

  5. These look awesome! I can’t wait to try them – thanks for the free sample tip!

  6. I’m totally going to sign up for the free sample, thanks!

  7. Oh I love free samples! Thanks for alerting me!! They sound great :)

  8. those sound SO good!!!!! i want to try some :) xoxoxox

  9. Oooh, thanks for the link! Those sound yummy :)

  10. Yum, those sound great! Thanks for the review!

  11. YAY! I love free things. Thanks!

  12. balancejoyanddelicias

    they sound great! Need to try it soon! :)

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