Musselman Healthy Picks Giveaway Winners (Revised)

MusselmanThank you to all who entered my Musselman Healthy Picks giveaway. I entered all the official entries into an Excel spreed sheet and generated 2 lucky winners from  The two lucky numbers are:

#48: Anabel over at FeedMeImCranky she said “Hello! I’d definitely want to try the key lime flavor!”

#37: Emily l who said “The blueberry pomegranite!”

Thanks again for all those who commented, linked back and tweeted my giveaway. You guys rock! Congrats to the winners. Please e-mail me your information and I will pass that along to Krista over at Musselman to get your lovely prizes on the way.

Edit:  Oopps. I accidentally cut the giveaway a day short because I thought it was Thursday already. I apologize for the mess up, but the winners still stand.

Edit 2: One of the original winners did not get back to me so I had to choose another winner. The lucky number is #4. Congratulations to Michele P! Thanks again for all who participated.  (Revised 8/22)



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2 responses to “Musselman Healthy Picks Giveaway Winners (Revised)

  1. congrats to the winners! :-)

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