The Alternative Pita Bread

IMG_0303A whole wheat pita bread for 110 calories. Yes please.  Freezes really well too. Just takes a little more time to warm up. Toast it longer for a more crispier texture or slightly shorter time for a more soft texture. It was pipping hot when I took it out of the conventional oven and it rips apart easily revealing the deep pockets that I can easily stuff a boat load of veggies inside. I toasted mine up and spread massive amounts of hummus on top. What a great snack or a component of a meal. The hummus must of covered up the saltiness of the pita bread or maybe I was too hungry to notice it. Like with the Perfect 10 Bagels from the Western Bagel Baking Company, I find that the sodium level is too high for my liking. A whopping 400 milligram in each pita. Really wish these are 100% whole wheat, unfortunately they have enriched wheat flour as their item on the ingredients list. Also, the 400 milligram of sodium is a deal breaker for me. As much as I like the lower in calories option, I’d much rather find a product that is 100% whole wheat, lower in sodium even if it means higher in calories. Don’t get me wrong, these taste fine and they don’t jip you with the size just because they are only 110 calories, but I feel like choosing products with better nutritional value is more important than saving a few calories. But I have to say, these are REALLY Weight Watchers friendly since the whole pita bread is only 1 point compared to 2-3 points for regular 100% whole wheat pita bread. I guess it really depends on where you are in terms of your weight loss/weight maintain path. Each pita bread (57g) is 110 calories, 1 WW, 0.5 grams of fat, zero cholesterol, 400 milligram of sodium, 25 grams of carbohydrates, 8 grams of dietary fiber, 1 gram of sugar and 7 grams of protein. Kept me pretty satisfied for such a lite snack. I probably lucked out getting these for so cheap. They were clearly marked on the shelf for $1.59 for a pack of 6, but they rang up for $3.09. Feeling kind of ripped off, I asked the cashier for a price check. Sure enough, it was a price mistake on their part, so they gave it to me for $1.59, but I’m pretty sure they fixed the tags by now.

Whole Wheat Flour, Enriched Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Malted Barely Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamine, Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Ascorbic Acid, Folic Acid, Water, Wheat Gluten, Corn Starch, Inulin, Oat Fiber, Yeast, Salt, Calcium Propionate & Sorbic Acid (preservatives), Sugar, Calcium Sulfate, Enzyme.

Retails: $3.09 per 6pk @ Pavilions
My Cost: $1.59 (price error)
Calories: 110 each
WW: 1

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14 responses to “The Alternative Pita Bread

  1. these are my favorite snack, versatile meal blank slate, in the entire universe.

  2. I used to have these pitas at the Whole Foods near me. Now that I moved, i can’t find them anywhere! :( Oh, well.

  3. Wowza, for 1 WW point, those look great.

  4. Thanks for the review, as always I really do appreciate it. I’ve seen these at the store but skipped because they weren’t whole wheat. Have you tried Kangaroo brand pita? It’s 160 calories per pita but they come in white, wheat, honey wheat (I believe) are fantastic.

  5. PS. Thanks for linking back :)

  6. Ah yes, there’s nothing like pita stuffed to the brim with hummus and veggies :) Have you tried Ezekiel’s pita bread? They’re around the same amount of calories and 100% ww. I don’t think they have much sodium either!

  7. Thanks for the awesome review!! I always wondered about that company…and that STINKS that the sodium is so high. GROSS. I’m esp. sensitive to that kind of stuff. Ewwie.

    Anywho, HAVE A WONDERFUL THURSDAYYYYY! Love the reviews!!!

  8. yum! have you ever tried the alternative baking bagels?! i still can’t believe their only 110 cals! how do they do it?!

  9. i really wish they were 100% whole wheat. i wonder why not?

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