Sabra Hummus Roasted Red Pepper

IMG_0307Sabra hummus always has the prettiest presentation. The center is garnished with lots of red peppers and the color of the hummus is a creamy red color. The texture is consistent with the other Sabra hummus I’ve tried in the past — rich, smooth and really creamy. I’ve had hummus where the texture is grainy. Yuck! The red pepper flavor along with other spices complemented each other well. The red pepper flavor is not overwhelming, but I wish it could be a little stronger.  Because of the nice and creamy texture, I like it on my Alternative Pita Bread and inside my “crack wraps.” Hummus goes well with practically everything. Fresh veggies and Ak Maks are my other favorite hummus dippers. Costco has the best deals for Sabra hummus. You get a ginormous tub for only $5.99. I usually freeze half of the tub in little single serving sizes and leave the other half of the tub in the fridge. That gives me plenty of time to enjoy my hummus without feeling rushed to finish it before the expiration date.

Sabra has so many flavors I want to try. Doesn’t these names sound appealing? Cranberry & Fig, Sun-dried Tomato, Caramelized Onion, Chipotle, and Peppradew. Those are the new flavors Sabra just came out with. I haven’t even gotten a chance to try out all the original flavors yet and now you are telling me you have NEW flavors. Need to catch up. Would I buy the Roasted Red Pepper flavor again? Probably not since there are so many other Sabra flavors to try and I like the Roasted Garlic Flavor more. Of course, there are other lower in calories hummus out there on the market, but I like the smooth and creamy texture of Sabra so much that I don’t mind the extra calories.

One serving of 2 tbsp is 70 calories, 2 WW, 6 grams of fat (1 gram saturated), zero cholesterol, 120 milligram of sodium, 3 grams of carbohydrates, 1 grams of fiber, 0 grams of sugar and 1 gram of protein.

Retails: $4.49 per 10 ounce tub @ Pavilions
My Cost: $2.99 (on sale)
Calories: 70 per 2 tbsp
WW: 2

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20 responses to “Sabra Hummus Roasted Red Pepper

  1. Hey!
    I definitely agree that Sabra has a nice creaminess to it- however I personally prefer some of Trader Joe’s hummuses- the Spicy and Roasted Garlic are delicious- and I am eager to try the many other flavours available (jalapeno cilantro, eggplant, olive, edamame, etc). But I must say the top hummus would be the one my mama makes from scratch ;)…being Middle Eastern, hummus is as much a staple in my fridge as anything :)

  2. I haven’t had hummus in the longest time. I think I’ll make a pita or a wrap with some tomorrow!

  3. I still haven’t tried Sabra Hummus; I’ll have to get some…

  4. I’ve tried the Sabra roasted red pepper hummus and really liked it! The other flavors sound really good, especially the caramelized onion hummus and cranberry and fig hummus!

  5. Frank

    Sabra’s hummus is good but Marzetti’s has new flavored hummus and they are super, especially southwestern and black bean (two separate flavors). Hummus is kind of like a good pair of black heels “goes well with practically everything.”
    I like to place hummus in my Basikbox ( 2 tbsp. container. Sometimes I’ll fill the 3 ounce container with hummus if I want to really snack on veggies.

  6. I know the blog world loves it’s Sabra but I’m all about Basha hummus. Unfortunately it’s local so I don’t think you’d be able to try it but if you ever came to MI – get your hands on it ASAP!!

  7. traveleatlove

    I LOVE Sabra hummus! If I don’t make my own, this is the one I buy. The caramelized onion is so yummy!

  8. ah that hummus is amazing! have you ever tried athenos?! it’s another one of my favs!

  9. MMM cranberry & fig sounds awesome! i like sabra but sometimes i prefer just to get something like TJ eggplant hummus, because its only 35 calories per 2 tbsp instead of the more typical 70, so i can eat twice as much :)

  10. Holly

    LOVE sabra…and yes, their presentation is fabulous!

  11. I didn’t know you could freeze hummus! Thanks for letting us know :) Cranberry & Fig and Caramelized Onions are definitely flavors I want to check out!

  12. I haven’t seen that brand of hummus before, but roasted red pepper and horseradish is my fav!

  13. I LOVE Sabra!! My local Sams and Costco carries it in HUGE containers :) Roasted Red pepper is my fave so far :)

  14. I agree, this is the best hummus EVER!!!

  15. Jenny

    Hi, how do you defrost your hummus once frozen? Just microwave?

    I have one of those huge Sabra tubs that expired a day ago, but only half-eaten! I don’t wanna throw it away… :(

    • I pack it in individual serving size with saran wrap and defrost it by leaving it in the refrigerator. Take a little pre-planning for meals, but I think it is better than wasting good hummus. I have not tried microwaving it personally so I cannot tell you what the results would be like. Hope this helps.

    • NneNne

      I JUST microwaved frozen hummus for this first time today. It came out fine. Just microwave at less than full power. I microwaved mine at 70% power for 3.5 minutes.

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