Titan Peeler & Julienne Tool

IMG_0416Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The Skinny Plate is doing a non-food review. You like? Spirilizing seems to be all the rage on the blogging world right now and I was this close to plucking down the money to get one myself. My girl over at Blue Eyed Heart gave me an EXCELLENT idea. She purchased a julienne peeler to make her pseudo-spirilized veggie salads. She told me she got her 3-in-1 peeler at Bed Bath & Beyond so I went to pick one up too. Browsing through their wall of kitchen gadgets, this Titan Peeler and Julienne Tool set caught my eye. Same price, stainless steel and AS SEEN ON TV. (I’m a sucker for those kind of infomercials). I quickly had a change of heart and pick this one up instead.

I felt that both the Titan Peeler and Julienne Tool are very well made and sturdy. The blades are razor sharp so you have to be careful when using them. I love how peeler can peel both ways, downwards and upwards which makes peeling very fast. It takes off the skin and not the bulk of the flesh which is what a good peeler is suppose to do. I tested the peeler on a zucchini, a carrot, celery and Roma tomatoes. Normally I do not take the skin off tomatoes, but I wanted to see how the peeler works on more delicate fruits and veggies. Worked like a charm. Simple, but not as effortless as it seems on the commercials. The blades are razor sharp, but I still had to use a lot of effort to peel. Maybe it is because I was angling the veggies weird in order to avoid slicing my hand or because it does not dig deep into the fruit/veggie as other peelers. As for the julienne tool, I find that it works well on firm items such as carrots and zucchini. Flimsy items such as celery gave it a hard time and “stringy strands” got caught in the blade and I had to remove it with a tooth pick. No biggy. You cannot julienne your veggie the whole way because at some point it becomes too thin and too small to julienne safely with this. At that point, I just chop the rest of the veggie up and save it for a stir-fry or just throw it into my salad as well. Here is my work of art: twitpic. The bowl had 1 zucchini, 1 carrot, 4 stalks of celery, 3 Roma tomatoes, crunchy green grapes and some fresh strawberries. Not gonna lie, peeling and julienne all those veggies gave my arm a workout, but it was fun. The Titan tools have mix reviews on Amazon, it seems like people either LOVE it or HATE it. If I were to give these tools a rating, I would give them a solid 4 stars. Cost effective and works like a charm. Cannot wait to make more salads and stir-fry with these tools. I find myself eating more veggies after making this purchase. Check out these tools in action below.

Retails: $14.99 for set @ Bed Bath & Beyond
My Cost: $11.99 (w/ 20% off coupon)

Tip: Never go inside Bed Bath & Beyond without a couple 20% off coupons or $5 off $15 in hand. You can use up to 5 coupons per transaction and they always take expired coupons.

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12 responses to “Titan Peeler & Julienne Tool

  1. Wow, that looks like a beautiful set! Can’t wait to see what creations you make with those. :-)

    Thanks for linking to my contests, by the way!


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  3. I would love something like this – thank you so much for reviewing!!!

  4. Thanks for the “shout out” … I saw that one too, but I bought the one I did because I had seen on Amazon that it got really good reviews. (Also why I didn’t get the OXO julienne peeler… apparently a lot of people had problems with it!)

    <3 <3

  5. What a great idea! I’m in the market for a new peeler, too. Thanks for the review!

  6. I have a hard time peeling many things (especially jicama!). I think the problem is that my peeler is getting dull, so I’ll have to get one of those razor sharp ones :) Thanks for the review!

  7. oh i have a feeling you’ll be whipping up tons of great things with that baby :)!

  8. Just fund your blog and love it! I too am a sucker for anything on tv!

  9. jocelynsteiber

    I’m such a sucker for infomercials also! I’ve wanted a slap chop for months!! haha

  10. even though it’s non-food…this post was SUPER cool! Thanks!! I’m really into these kitchen gadgets these days…

  11. Ha ha! Glad to see you knew what the durian fruit was :) Thanks for visiting my blog. Totes jealous of your julienne peeler! I will have to drag my butt out of the Home Depot and into BB&B this weekend. xoxo

  12. Oooh, I am a sucker for new kitchen tools! Very cool.

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