Kashi Pumpkin Pumpkin Pie Bar

kashipumpkinA kind little reminder that Fall is here although the not whether certainly does not seem like Fall. I bought a box of Kashi Pumpkin Pie Fruit & Grain Bars to join in on all the pumpkin festivities. I have yet to try out the seasonal pumpkin drinks at Starbucks and The Coffee Bean that all you guys have been enjoying already. TLC in this case stands for “tasty little chewies”, little is the right noun to describe these. For a bar, these are pretty dinky, but granola do tend to be on the high calorie side so it makes sense to make the bars smaller to keep the calories low. I could finish it in about 4 bites if I was really hungry. To me, these serve more as a treat rather than something to eat when I am really hungry. The granola is comprised of Kashi’s signature blend of seven whole grains. The top pumpkin puree layer  is easily removable from the bottom part of the granola bar itself. Embedded within the pumpkin layer are bit and pieces of chopped pecans to add a nutty touch to the bar. There is not nearly as much pecans on the actual bar as the picture shows. Pretty deceptive there. The pumpkin layer also has pumpkin spices and warm cinnamon flavor  which bring out the warm feeling of Fall out of this bar. I find it too sweet so I scrape off most of the pumpkin layer and spread a little bit of it back on like jam to get the pumpkin flavor, but not all the excess sugar. All together, the bars has a nice combination of chewy and crunchy textures. With a little imagination, these taste like a crunchy pumpkin pie. Each bar (32g) is 120 calories, 2 WW, 3 grams of fat (0.5 g saturated), no cholesterol, 50 milligram of sodium, 21 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of fiber, 7 grams of sugar, and 4 grams of protein. If you are not a fan of this “icing” on top bars, I’d suggest you go for the regular Kashi granola bars like the Honey Almond Flax bars.

Retails: $2.98 bx of 6 @ Walmart
My Cost: $2.98
Calories: 120 each
WW: 2

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14 responses to “Kashi Pumpkin Pumpkin Pie Bar

  1. Yum, I’m a fan of all things pumpkin, so I will definitely be trying these out :) Although, the dinky size and sweetness is sort of a downer–but nothing keeps me away from pumpkin!

  2. definitely not a “power bar” but delish nonetheless :)

  3. I agree 100% – it’s definitely a ‘treat’ bar as opposed to ‘hungry’ bar. I wasn’t a big fan of these though, the pumpkin topping tasted weird to me (way too sweet)!

  4. healthnuttxo

    ah, no way! i was going to have a bunch of pumpkin reviews and was totally going to review these tomorow! I ate one today, i LOVED it =)

  5. Sounds like a nice, sweet fall treat! :) It’s funny because I used to not like pumpkin but now I can’t get enough of it…

  6. Ah, bars ah never meant to be for meals! They are always a treat for me. And those sound like a mighty tasty treat indeed! Go pumpkin! :D

  7. Interesting… I’m not a huge TLC fan mostly because the one flavor I tried (Blackberry) didn’t even taste like what it was supposed to taste like.

  8. balancejoyanddelicias

    pumpkin bar? that’s the key word for me to want to try it! :)

  9. Love these bars – though I agree with you – it’s more of a treat … with coffee – delish!

  10. I add pumpkin to everything (in the fall). My protein shakes, pancakes, oatmeal, everything pumpkin…I need to try these bars!

  11. julie

    mmmm!! I love love love kashi bars and this one is SO good :) mm mmm mmmm

  12. I too was disappointed by the few pecans (compared to zillion on the box)! The icing layer is sort of funky too…I found it weird that it separated from the bar. I do, however, like the pumpkin flavor :)

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