Beaver Brand Hot Dijon Mustard w/ White Wine

BeaverMustard One of my many favorite condiment is mustard. I always skip the mayo in my sandwiches and tell the peeps to add extra mustard. Mustard is a low calorie condiment that added a huge impact of flavors. My current obsession is the Beaver Brand line. Check out their entire line here. They have so many varieties to choose from that my head was spinning. Mustard is a MUST for my wraps and sandwiches. This particular Hot Dijon Mustard with white wine is VERY delicious. It goes so well with chicken. Sometimes I just stir-fry some lean chicken breast using this mustard as a marinade. The squeezable bottle has a big spout so it is very user friendly and you can easily control how much you want from the bottle.  The “hot” flavor and the mustard balances each other really well. The white wine adds another layer of flavor to the mustard. On your first bite, you get the initial sensation of the heat, but it milds down afterward and then you get the subtle taste of the wine flavor.  The texture is smooth, nothing grainy in here. You can spread it all over your sandwich easily with a butter knife. One serving of 1 teaspoon is 10 calories, 0 WW, no fat, no cholesterol, 90 milligram of sodium, 1 gram of carbohydrates, no fiber, no sugar, and no protein. What a bummer that a measly teaspoon has 90 milligram of sodium. I always use way more than 1 teaspoon each time so the sodium really adds up. I also noticed that some varieties of the Beaver Brand condiments have HFCS in them. Luckily, this one does not. Ingredients: water, mustard seed, vinegars (white wine, white distilled and balsamic), white wine, sugar, salt, garlic, spices, soybean oil, artificial and natural flavors, xanthan gum, citric acid and tartaric acid, tumeric. What brand of mustard do you use?

Retails: $3.49 pr 12.5 oz @ Local Health Foods Store
My Cost: $3.49
Calories: 10 per tsp (5g)
WW: 0



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7 responses to “Beaver Brand Hot Dijon Mustard w/ White Wine

  1. I’m with you on skipping the mayo – plus I don’t like it. I haven’t tried this brand but Westbrae Natural No Salt Added Stone Ground Mustard is pretty good.

  2. I LOVE mustard!! Hot mustard sounds like a great addition to anything – veggies, sandwiches, wraps, you name it :)

  3. balancejoyanddelicias

    mustard is also one of my fav condiments. Love how spicy it gets sometimes! :D

  4. I love mustard. This mustard sounds good. I love trying (and once in a while splurging on) different, local mustards at Farmers’ Markets and specialty stores…

  5. ahhhh mustard….i love WHOLE GRAIN mustard – so pretty. i just buy whatever’s cheapest w/o too much crap in it.

  6. You had me at mustard – I’ve even been to the mustard museum in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, THAT is how much I love mustard!

    Thanks for the review! :D

  7. I am a huge fan of mustard and am always looking for new kinds to try–thanks! :-)

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