The Bolder Mat Company Yoga Mat

Pappacleeco 051The Bolder Mat Company was kind enough to send over a brand spanking new, “Have Mat Will Travel” yoga mats for me to try out. I cannot claim to be an yoga pro, but I do take a few classes at my gym as well as doing a few routines at home. Check out some free video podcasts from Yogamazing on itunes. Most of the yoga mats that I see are boring in color, but Bolder Mat Company offers vibrant colored and cute print yoga mats. Their special ink makes the yoga mat super sticky too so you won’t slip and slide around when you are doing your routine. This is your standard 2 ft by 6 ft mat plus a good thickness to cushion your feet really well.

Have Mat, Will Travel is a special tribute to Yoga World Reach and all of the work that they do bring yoga worldwide.  With Colorado wildflowers in the foreground, and the Boulder FlatIrons in the background, you can clearly see your path unfold before you on this extra thick, extra sticky yoga mat from the Bolder Yoga Mat Company.  There are many paths to one destination….


  • The only mat like it in the world, you will be impressed with the thickness and stickiness of this ultra-luxurious yoga mat.
  • Fresh, Fun, and as Unique as you are.
  • 2 ft x 6 ft and 1/4″ THICK!
  • Long lasting and extra sticky!
  • Cash in your old yoga mats…. Enjoy our Renew and Recycle Yoga Mat Program and receive $5 Off any Bolder Mat Company Yoga Mat.

The Bolder Mat Company not only offers beautiful yoga mats, but they have a very eco-friendly recycle program too. Send in you old mats and they will clean it up and donate it for you. Check out their site for more information. Up until now, I did not know there was any effective way to clean a yoga mat besides just wiping it down. Great to hear that The Bolder Mat Company offers a safe and eco-friendly product to clean your yoga mats with — Sara’s Wicked Witch Hazel Yoga Mat Cleaner.

Official Mat Cleaner of The Bolder Mat Company.  Use this Vegan Yoga Mat Spray to clean your yoga mat, printed mat or not!  This Yoga Mat Cleaner will clean your yoga or pilates mat with it’s fine mist.  It helps to “re-sticky” your yoga mat, lengthening the life of your yoga mat!  Smells so good, you will welcome Cobra and Child’s pose!

I did a side-by-side test with my old mat and indeed the Bolder’s Mat  is a lot stickier and. Plus, it is lighter to carry around too. I think it only weights about 3.5 lbs according to my scale. Thanks for making my yoga experience much more enjoyable!

Retails: $49 each @ The Bolder Mat Company
My Cost: Free

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11 responses to “The Bolder Mat Company Yoga Mat

  1. is the boulder mat company out of boulder,co? (that’s where my brother lives)

    ps – i love checking out your giveaway links – i’ve actually one two blogger giveaways (a glutten free soup one & a cranberry salsa one) off of your links! thanks for helping me eat better @ my house!

  2. oh & i meant “won” not one..

  3. I’m in the market for an extra yoga mat. I have an eco friendly jade yoga mat that I love but it is super heavy and very $$$. I wouldn’t mind having an extra so I could just keep one in my car and one inside my house.

    Thanks for posting the link to my giveaway!

  4. balancejoyanddelicias

    oh…. this mat is sooo pretty!!! Why is it so expensive thought? :(

  5. Brandi

    i LOVE that mat print! so cute. Mine is all beat up and just plain blue :)

    I’m going to have a get a new one soon, and I love their printed ones!

  6. That mat sounds and looks awesome! The pattern is really cute and sticky-ness is a definite must for a yoga mat. I just bought another yoga mat, and it’s not sticky enough for me :( Can’t get a grip sometimes!

  7. cool! i desperately need a new yoga mat….

    thanks for letting me know about my brother’s mother-in-law’s comments! that’s so sweet!

  8. This is one review that I am truly and genuinly INCREDIBLY jealous of!! My little 12 dollar target mat looks like chopped liver compared to this bad boy :) I’ve been looking for a thicker mat because the one I have killlllls my spin during different poses.. but I think this one may be a little out of my price range!

    Namaste, girl :)

  9. I usually don’t post on Blogs but ya forced me to, great info.. excellent! … I’ll add a backlink and bookmark your site.

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