Wildwood Organics Unsweetened Probiotic Soymilk

IMG_0609Huge thanks to Dustin over at Wildwood Organics for sending over such a large variety of products for me to try. First up is the Organic Unsweetened Priobiotic Soymilk in the plain variety. The probiotic soymilk also comes in low fat vanilla, blueberry and pomegranate, but the calories and sugar content are higher in those. Here is my best attempt to describe the flavor. Think Pinkberry frozen yogurt, melted, made with soymilk and unsweetened. I know it is pretty far fetched, but it was the only comparison I could come up with. I can really taste the soymilk mingle with a sour and tangy probiotic  taste. The texture is rich and creamy and goes down really smooth. At first, I found the taste hard to manage and I had to add some juice to it to make it taste better. After a few days, the probiotic soymilk  kind of grew on me and I could drink it without diluting it with anything else. Since this is probiotic, meaning live and active cultures, I did not add it to anything hot or cook with it like I do with normal soymilk for fear of killing off the probiotic benefits. The taste needs time to get adjusted to. My friend took a sip and thought I was drinking expired soymilk.

Did I feel any physical benefits after drinking this probiotic soymilk? For those days that I did drink this, I felt like it curb my appetite for the rest of the day, but I think it was mainly due to the fact that it was a rather thick liquid so it filled me a little AND the fact that I was not use to the tart and tangy taste so it effectively killed my appetite.

Probiotic Soymilk is packed full of live, beneficial, non-dairy cultures to strengthen your body’s immune system and promote digestive health.

Better than Kefir or Cultured Dairy!
* No Dairy
* No Cholesterol
* 0 g Saturated Fat
* Heart Healthy

Better Than Soymilk!
* Immunity Boosting Probiotic Cultures
* Fermented for Enhanced Absorption of Beneficial Soy Nutrients
* Omega-3 for Heart & Brain Health
* Good Source of Fiber

One serving of 8 ounce is 120 calories, 2 WW, 3 grams of fat, no cholesterol, 70 milligram of sodium, 15 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of dietary fiber, 1 gram of sugar, and 8 grams of protein. Also, 15% Vitamin A, 35% Calcium, 40% Vitamin D, 60% Vitamin B12, 10% Iron, and 40% Riboflavin (percentages based on a 2,000 calorie diet).

There is currently a promotional coupon on the Wildwood Organics website  $0.50 cent off any 10 oz flavor probiotic soymilk. Click here. These are organic, contains no soy isolates, and also free of dairy, eggs, nuts & gluten. Would I buy these again? Yes — if I can find it. I’ve checked my local Whole Foods and saw that they only carry the flavored and sweetened kinds.

Retails: $2.99 per 30 fl oz @ Whole Foods (I saw the flavored kind)
My Cost: Free
Calories: 120 per 8 fl ounce
WW: 2

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9 responses to “Wildwood Organics Unsweetened Probiotic Soymilk

  1. balancejoyanddelicias

    oh… this looks so good! I really want to try that. I was just looking for unsweetened soymilk. :)

  2. I’ve tried the Wildwood tempeh and i have to say…I’m not a big fan. The soymilk definitely sounds tasty though! I can do froyo flavored foods and drinks ANY day!! Even if it’s not sweetened. :)

    P.s I’m having a ZenSoy pudding and soymilk giveaway! come on by if you’re interested!

  3. If it tastes like pinkberry, and it’s dairy free, I’ve gotta try it! I think I saw it around Whole Foods and my natural foods market. Too bad the pom is too sweet and high in calories, because it sounds good! Maybe I’ll just add some pom juice to mine :)

  4. Thanks for the linkage! Oh and that looks really good!

  5. So interesting! I have never heard of/seen this brand. Looks good though! And pinkberry?! Count me in!!!

  6. Hey Stephanie! Make sure you email me your address so I can send you your goodies from my giveaway! leftoversforlunch @ gmail.com

  7. i like wildwood products….pinkberry yogurt melted? i’m intrigued.

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  9. I love my probiotic kefir! It has definitely helped with my digestive system. It also helps with the munchies, I’ve found. I’m sure this tastes pretty similar!

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