Wildwood Organics Garlic Teriyaki Smoked Sproutofu

IMG_0613After a disappointing encounter with Wildwood Orgaincs‘ veggie burgers, I dove straight to their baked sproutofu and these DID NOT disappoint. This was the Garlic Teriyaki Smoked variety and it came out in one whole ready-to-eat block. The whole block has two servings. The portion size may look small, but they are dense and has all the water pressed out of it already with flavor baked right it. Perfect to eat straight out of the package already. I find these more filling than regular tofu and that is just by sticking to one serving of it.

The texture is firm and dense so it was really easy to slice. I chopped it up into little slivers and it made a great component to my salads. My salad became really filling and kept me fueled for hours on end with the new addition of the sproutofu. It had a nice smoky flavor to it. A little sweet from the teriyaki flavor. The garlic flavor was hardly noticeable. Definitely not oily like their Shiitake veggie burgers. Volumetric eaters will be disappointed  with these because the 3 ounce portion sure does look small for 150 calories. Trust me, these are filling. Other smoked  varieties include: Hickory BBQ and Mild Szechuan. Other baked varieties include: Aloha Baked, Royal Thai Baked, Savory Baked, and Teriyaki Baked. I think Wildwood Organic Sproutofu has become my favorite brand of ready-to-eat tofu products. Too bad they are on the expensive side and not as widely available as I had hoped. Luckily, Fresh & Easy do carry certain flavors for about $1.00 cheaper than Whole Foods. I can see myself incorporating ready-to-eat tofu in my diet in so many different ways: salads, wraps, stir-fry, etc.

One serving of 1/2 block (84 grams) is 150 calories, 3 WW, 6 grams of fat (1 gram saturated), 490 milligram of sodium, 11 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of dietary fiber, 4 grams of sugar, and 14 grams of protein.

The #1 Selling Flavored Tofu in the West!
Made with Sprouted Soybeans for Enhanced Nutrition

Retails: $3.99 per 6 0z package @ Whole Foods
My Cost: Free
Calories: 150 per 3 ounce serving
WW: 3

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7 responses to “Wildwood Organics Garlic Teriyaki Smoked Sproutofu

  1. Vanilla

    I love tofu :)
    Every Chinese and Food blogger must have it. Especially a Chinese food blogger like me x)

    Those flavours sounds delish!
    Thanks for the review, I love that you always show us interesting products ^.^


  2. Sounds very tasty! Thanks for the review! I really enjoy all you reviews…

    Have a great week!

  3. Wow, you have great reviews! Thanks for the link at the bottom- I love how you link to lots of giveaways, increase my chances for finally winning one.

  4. Kat

    Looks great! My boyfriend looove pre-packaged baked tofu to take to work for lunch, but we’ve never tried Wildwood. Will look for it the next time we’re in the store!

  5. 1st of all, that name is a mouthful on it’s own! second of all, sounds great :)

  6. I’m dying to try these flavored tofus because I heard they were tasty! But they’re so $$$. Garlic, teriyaki, and smoked tofu is the perfect combo!

  7. Interesting. I’ve never heard or seen flavored tofu before. It is quite pricey, since regular tofu can be had for $1.50.

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