Do Not Open Any The Skinny Plate E-mails

I am so sorry for those who received some random “Hello~” e-mail coming from my e-mail (  Please ignore and do not open. My e-mail account has been compromised. I am in the middle of fixing it.   In the meantime, please do not open any e-mail from me until further notice. I apologize to those who have been affected. I will keep you guys updated. Hackers are mean!!

UPDATE (10/13/2209): I scanned my computer for viruses all last night, nothing came up. Then I changed all my passwords on wordpress, e-mail accounts, twitter, etc… Hopefully that will do it since I don’t see anymore weird e-mails shooting from my e-mail after I changed all my passwords. The internet is scary! I felt like I lost my identity in front of my face and I kind of felt helpless. As far as I know, my e-mails (hopefully) are safe to open again.



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5 responses to “Do Not Open Any The Skinny Plate E-mails

  1. Boo :( Sorry you’re dealing with this, I know how hard it is! GL

  2. Damn hackers! My twitter account got hacked once. Gosh these people have nothing better to do?\

    Good luck!

  3. i am so sorry! I feel your frustration my facebook was hacked into the other week. guys were chatting people on FB and saying i was being held to gunpoint in London and needed money wired to me! it was pretty crazy!

  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear about the issues!

  5. actorsdiet

    yeah i got that email but figured it wasn’t really you. what a pain!

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