Mary’s Stick & Twigs Curry Flavor

Picture 071After trying Mary’s Gone Crackers in the Original flavor, I’ve been trying to hunt down the Sticks and Twigs for a while. Luckily, I spotted all three of the Stick and Twigs flavor at a random Whole Foods I just happened to popped into. Of the three flavors, Sea Salt, Curry, and Chipotle Tomato, I picked the most interesting flavor — curry. Not many snacks are curry flavor and I was intrigued. I guess this is a new version of their Sticks & Twigs because it says that it now contains CHIA SEEDS. Awesome! As with all of Mary’s Gone Cracker products, they are organic, wheat-free, gluten-free, kosher, vegan & dairy free and made with whole grains you can see.

When you open the bag, you can definably smell the curry flavor. The stick & twigs come in long and short sizes and are hollow in the middle. Not as thick as the cracker form so it is easier to bite and chew. Hard and crunchy. A little on the salty side, or is it the curry flavor that is giving me a salty sensation? I like these better than the crackers actually. The curry flavor is interesting. Smells stronger than it taste, but at times, you get a twig that is like WOW — CURRY. The more I eat them, the more I like it. Delicious, but I am up for trying the Sea Salt and Chitpotle Tomato flavor as well. Like with the crackers, the sticks & twigs has visible seeds sand grains all over. Imagine these twigs like a Mary’s Gone crackers rolled up, leaving the center hallow, but not as thick. Love the simple and awesome ingredients in the toss: Brown Rice, flax seed, sesame seed, amaranth, millet, whole quinoa, whole red quinoa, and chia seeds. One serving (30g) is 150 calories, 3 WW, 5 grams of fat (o.5 gram saturated, 2.5 grams PUFA & 1.5 grams MUFA), no cholesterol, 190 milligram of sodium, 170 milligram of potassium, 20 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of fiber, no sugar and 4 grams of protein. Now that is the kind of snack I don’t mind keeping around the house. I like to toss a few twigs in my salads to get a little crunch factor going on too. Mary’s Gone Crackers tweets too! Follow them @GoneCrackers.

Retails: $3.99 per 8 oz bag @ Whole Foods
My Cost: $3.99
Calories: 150 per ounce
WW: 3

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14 responses to “Mary’s Stick & Twigs Curry Flavor

  1. What a fun product! I bet the sea salt it awesome

  2. I love curry. You are right, there are not many curry-flavored snacks! Thanks for the review!

  3. Ah, perfect timing. Just as I’m running out of my Newman Own’s pretzels!

  4. I love Mary’s Gone Crackers so I will certainly have to try these! I am also a big fan of curry…yum!

  5. mmm thanks for teh review they look greattttt

  6. I still need to try Mary’s products!! Everyone raves about them! Thanks for the review – I do love curry :)

  7. I love the sticks! The ingredients are amazing. I think the crackers taste burnt (or maybe I just buy bad boxes) but the twigs never taste burnt! Haven’t tried the curry flavor yet but am intrigued. The only thing that stops me from eating these is that they’re soooooo loud. My husband gets annoyed when I eat them – he can’t hear what he’s doing!

    • I agree. There is a burnt taste to the crackers, but I always assumed it was from all the seeds and grains. The twigs do not taste burnt at all.

      My sister says I look like I’m eating dog biscuits. Lol.

  8. I’ve tried the regular old Mary’s cracker, and they were pretty good. Not as good as I expected (I think I expected too much =P), but tasty nonetheless. Those curry sticks sound yummier!

  9. ahhhh i want to try these so bad! i still have NOT been able to find them anywhere around here!

  10. such a great idea putting these in your salads! healthy croutons? yes please!

  11. have never tried mary’s products yet but i have heard such wonderful things!

  12. I’ve seen these at WFs too and keep eyeing them. I feel like my comments on your blog always sound like this!! Thanks for the review. I prefer sweet pretzels though….I’m such a sweet tooth :)

  13. Unfortunately I wasn’t too fond of the Mary’s Crackers line. But thanks for the review–you always do such thourough and great ones :-)

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