LightLife Organic Smoky Tempeh Strips Fakin’ Bacon

Picture 090LightLife offers so many vegetarian products it make your life so much more complicated on deciding that items to try. If you shop at Whole Foods and health stores regularly, it is inevitable that you have seen at least one of their many products. They have your breakfast (Smart Breakfast line), your lunch sandwiches (Smart Deli line) and your barbeque events (Smart Dogs, Smart Wings, & Light Burger lines) covered. LightLife even has Heat ‘n Eat Chili, Frozen Entrees and Tempeh as a part of their ever expanding collection of products.  All their products are meatless and vegetarian friendly.

My vegetarian pick from the wall happen to be their Organic Smoky Temeph Strips because I am on a tempeh kick lately. My first encounter with tempeh was at a contemporary microbiotic restaurant. They served triangular pieces of tempeh on my summer salad and I adore tempeh ever since. The texture of tempeh reminds me of natto beans all stuck together, only the beans are much smaller in this case.

Tempeh usually comes in a big block, but these Fakin’ Bacon are in long, much thinner strips, in the shape of bacon of course. The vacuum seal encase the tempeh along with a little bit of smoky juice. Reminisce bacon in terms of shape and the hickory smoky flavor. I don’t even have to chop it with a knife and these break apart easily for me to incorporate “bacon bits” on top of my salad. It is full of flavor and delicious. Any vegetarian craving for a BLT? Get some fakin’ bacon. As much as I like the taste and the good amount of fiber and protein content in this product, I might have to stick with the unflavored ones and marinate them myself (or enjoy these not as frequently as I had hoped). The “unflavored” tempeh seem to have a lot less sodium 10 milligram vs the 470 milligram in the Fakin’ Bacon.

Are you on a special diet? Kosher? Vegan? Organic only? Lightlife does a great job catering to people with special diets. Click here to choose your preference and the whole list of product that fits your requirement will shows up. No more guessing and reading the back of every product to find something right for you. How cool is that?

One serving of 28 grams is 100 calories, 1 WW, 3 grams of fat, no cholesterol, 470 milligram of sodium, 135 milligram of potassium, 10 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of fiber, 2 grams of sugar and 8 grams of protein.

The original tempeh “bacon”, Fakin’ Bacon puts the “B” back into BLT’s. It is also great crumbled on a salad or baked.



Retails: $3.69 per 6 oz package @ Whole Foods
My Cost: Free w/ coupon
Calories: 100 per 3 slices (57g)
WW: 1

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15 responses to “LightLife Organic Smoky Tempeh Strips Fakin’ Bacon

  1. For the longest time I only saw their smart dogs but I saw their sausages recently and tried them despite their high cost. They were terrible! It was such a disappointment because I LOVE their smart dogs. These bacon strips look good. I’ll have to make a trip to whole foods some day or ask Anderson to buy me some since he works next to one. Haha.

    • I guess every company has their hits and misses. Good to know that their Smart Dogs are good. I have another one of their tempeh products to try. Hope it is just as tasty as the fakin’ bacon.

  2. That is the one vegetarian thing I have never tried! I think because I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it! Thanks for the great ideas. I’ll be on the lookout for the fakin bacon now:)

  3. I love your blog!! The concept is wonderful, and I HAVE to try this smokey tempeh!

    Thanks for the giveaway shout out :)

  4. Thank you so much for the shoutout!!! You are amazing :) This is such a cool product review you did!! Never seen that stuff on shelves before… I usually just eat turkey bacon but it looks like I’ll have to try me some of that :)

    • No problem. It is a wonderful cause you are hosting this giveaway for. Too bad I cannot enter because I am not gifted in the cooking for pets department. Wish your e-cookbook much success!

  5. I wish our grocery store sold a bigger selection of Light Life products here–a bigger variety would be great!

  6. balancejoyanddelicias

    sounds like a worth trying products. i’ve never tried tempeh yet.. shame on me! definitely checking out these!
    i like the concept of this company… making people’s life easier for a healthy lifestyle!

  7. I love Lightlife… it’s hard for me to find vegetarian products I can have, and most of Lightlife’s are okay for me. I have yet to be disappointed in any of their products that I’ve tried!

    <3 <3

  8. I’ve heard wonderful things about their fakin’ bacon so your review sealed the deal. I’ll have to try it (once I get over my tempeh reservations – I still have to try it)!

  9. fakin’ bacon – the name alone has me intrigued :)

  10. i kinda had a “meh” reaction to these, too :) ok, but don’t know if i’d buy them again…

    thanks for the link back!

  11. I keep thinkingI should try temph but I haven’t yet… I will now put it on my list officially

  12. my friend has been raving about this tempeh bacon! i am dying to give it a try, it’s definitely on my must eat list :)

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