Progressive Salad Spinner

Picture 175A salad spinner is a must have item in my kitchen because how else am I suppose to make my delicious salads. I picked this Progressive salad spinner up at Marshalls for about $9.99. Cheap and has lasted me a while. The basket is removable so I like to wash everything in the basket, strained the water, chop up my veggies, toss my salad and whisk my salad dry with a couple of presses on the spin device. I love how big the basket is so I can make a large serving of salad to store for later too. You salad will last longer in the fridge if you it is dry. I usually make a gigantic salad and either eat it as a main component of my meal with added protein or as small side to a pasta or sandwich. Sometimes, when my fridge is empty, I can store the whole thing in the fridge too.

The spinner is relatively easy to use. You press on the top handle and the basket within spins, creating a circular motion that whisks the water out and it collects in the outer plastic bowl. There is a lock mechanism that locks the top handle in place for easier storage and a simple “stop” button that creates friction and stops the spinner from spinning. Once you invest in a salad spinner, you will never look back. No more soggy wet salads at home. Make you salad eating more enjoyable with simple gadgets like a salad spinner.

Speaking of kitchen tools and gadgets. I‘m going to be getting a mini food processor to review on The Skinny Plate from the lovely peeps over at They have tons of everyday brands like Cuisinart, Rachel Ray Cookware and even the most coveted Vita-Mix blender and Breville juicer at very competitive prices.

Retails: $9.99 @ Marshalls
My Cost: $9.99

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14 responses to “Progressive Salad Spinner

  1. balancejoyanddelicias

    I have a salad spinner and love it! It’s so convenient and I use it for everything! :)

  2. Salad Spinners rock!! Thanks for entering my giveaway!!!!!!

  3. I have a similar one made by OXO. It is my favorite kitchen gadget! I buy romaine hearts in bulk, chop them, clean and spin them and store them in large zip bags. So convenient!

  4. this is a really cute spinner…I have one by Tupperware and LOVE it. My kids beg to do the “spinning”…it’s certainly a GREAT invention

  5. I always wondered if a salad spinner was worth it! Now I know that it is! Thanks for sharing!

  6. marshalls is so great for stuff like this!

  7. I agree that salad spinners are so handy! That one is an awesome deal too :)

    Oooh, a F21 giveaway??? Haha, I was just eyeing a sweater from there too. Thanks for the links!

  8. oh wow – this is a great product! I’ve actually never heard of a salad spinner before.. yes, I live under a rock.

  9. Ohh yes, I love my salad spinner as well–although mine was a wee bit cheaper. I got it at a thrift store still in the box for 0.75 :-)

  10. I need a salad spinner so badly–for someone who eats as many greens as I do, it’s kind of essential! Thanks for the info:)

  11. Haha this review was so funny and well written! I love going to Marshalls for kitchenware. I got an awesome ice cream scooper to replace my broken one for like $5.

    I’ve always wondered if I should get a salad spinner but I always buy those bags of salad that are prewashed so I don’t think I’d have much of a use for it.

  12. That looks just like the OXO one we purchased a few years ago – it’s awesome :)
    I love the orange parts!

  13. I LOVE salads!!!

    I’ve always wondered what a salad spinner could do for me and now I know.

    Thanks for the review.

  14. Great review! My salad spinner is on loan w/ my dad and I miss it. Can you finaggle a VitaMix for me please? My blender sucks.

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