Edible Arrangements

Picture 259Edible Arrangements, you rock! Not only are your fruit baskets unique, beautiful, and delicious, you have the best customer service ever. I love you guys. So the little bird told me that Edible Arrangement (@dofruit) was doing a little promotion. For a small price of being a “fan” of their page, they will send you a coupon via e-mail to redeem a box of 6 piece fruit dipped chocolates. If you follow me on twitter (@theskinnyplate), I tweeted about this promotion when it was going on.

Never in a million years did I expect this freebie to be so nice. The whole process was nice and smooth, I handed them my coupon and they handed me my box of goodies. It was in a nice sturdy box with ribbon and all. Inside were 6 pieces of chocolate dipped fruit. Three strawberries, two dipped apples, and one dipped pineapple. The presentation was really nice, the fruits were extremely fresh and juicy (literally no bad apples here).

Edible arrangements has beautiful fruit baskets for every occasions. When I was at the store, their Halloween displays were in full rage already. The prices are a bit steep, but compared to a beautifully wrapped bouquet of flowers, I think the price is fair for all the fine handy work, special care and preparations it takes to create these edible boutiques that are guaranteed high quality. For someone special, I would not mind plucking down a pretty penny for these babies.

This is a great gift idea for foodies or people on a diet or special. Don’t forget, fruits are always vegan and vegetarian friendly and also naturally gluten-free (of course, you’ll have to leave off the chocolate dipping). Next time you need a good gift idea, give Edible Arrangements a visit. Check out more beautiful arrangements on their site.

Have you guys ever gotten an Edible Arrangement? Do you prefer it over a real flower bouquet?

Retails: Varies depending on Selection
My Cost: Free (w/ FB coupon)
Calories: N/A

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13 responses to “Edible Arrangements

  1. i gave out an edible arrangement once. i think it’s a nice alternative to flowers.

  2. My husband bought me an edible arrangement and sent it to my office – it was so much fruit and pricey – the medium “bouquet” was about $75!

    But it was a nice gesture! :D

    • So sweet of your husband. I agree it is kind of pricey so that is why I would never buy it for myself, but for a loved one, I would.

      The 6 piece dipped fruit was so nicely boxed and wrapped, it was such a waste not to give it away as a present. I gave it to my mom and she thought it was really nice and cute (she shared w/ me tho).

  3. I love Edible Arrangements – I won’t say I don’t ever want to receive flowers, but I definitely love getting these.

  4. I have gotten one and it was super fun. Although real flowers win in my book. ;)

  5. WOW – that is definitely an AWESOME freebie arrangement.

    I LOVE the real fruit arrangements and have had chocolate covered strawberries – MMMMM!

    Thanks for playing along in the Mother’s Cookies Scavenger Hunt and for giving my cookie contest a shoutout – good luck!

  6. Kelsey

    thats so cool!!! ive always wanted to try these.

  7. I’ve never had edible arrangements, but they look nice!

    That is so funny that you and I have the same plate and had the same wrap today! I got that plate for my Mom for her Birthday at Anthropologie one year.

  8. Wow sounds like an awesome company and some tasty treats. Too bad I missed the tweet since I don’t have twitter. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to try some of their goods in the future!

  9. healthnuttxo

    omg! i printed out that freebie too! i keep bugging my mom to go with me and get the choc. covered 6 pieces of FREE FRUIT!
    every holiday i hint at one of the fruit bouquets, but always declined bc the price is steep.
    looked online 2day at the halloween one- too cute! the ghosts with chocolate faces!

  10. I’ve never had an edible arrangement, but I’d SOOO prefer it to flowers haha

  11. I loooove Edible Arrangements, but they are so dang expensive! Yum yum though! P.S. So glad you got the goodies and you enjoyed the dried apples–I’m addicted, myself :) Your eamil made me smile! xoxo

  12. These are delicious- and the perfect gift to give to a new mommy at the hospital – it was one of my faves since hospital food is gross!

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