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Vita-Mix Contest

VitamixVita-Mix Announces “Pitch Me!” Video Contest to Find the Next TV Infomercial Star

OLMSTED FALLS, OH – November 12, 2009 – Credited with creating the very first infomercial in the U.S. , Vita-Mix, the world leader in high-performance blending equipment, today announces “Pitch Me!” —a national video competition to discover the next great Vita-Mix TV demonstration star. The winner, voted on by the public and chosen by Vita-Mix, receives a Grand Prize of $10,000 and may star in upcoming Vita-Mix television commercials and web-based videos.

Participants must showcase their skills with a Vita-Mix blender and are judged on their video’s creativity, popularity and overall quality. As the competition progresses, Vita-Mix will air highly-rated submissions on national commercials, to drum up support for the leading videos and further publicize the contest. Vita-Mix is offering over $20,000 in total prizes including the single Grand Prize of $10,000 cash.

In 1949, Vita-Mix created the world’s first television infomercial during which Vita-Mix Founder William G. “Papa” Barnard demonstrated everything the Vita-Mix machine could do and began America ’s love affair with the infomercial. A commitment to personal demonstration continues to guide Vita-Mix’s marketing efforts to the present day; Vita-Mix demonstrates its professional-quality machines in over 2,000 shows every year in the U.S. alone.

The newest Vita-Mix machines certainly lend themselves to demonstration since they do the work of 10 kitchen appliances and perform over 50 different processes. These include five that no other single kitchen appliance can execute as flawlessly: making ice cream, grinding grains to make flour, kneading dough, making whole food juice, even making piping hot soups heated by nothing more than the blades spinning at 240 MPH.

For more information on “Pitch Me!” or to submit a video, visit

Hope one on you guys win, especially those of you who rock at doing Vlogging!


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Edible Arrangements

Picture 259Edible Arrangements, you rock! Not only are your fruit baskets unique, beautiful, and delicious, you have the best customer service ever. I love you guys. So the little bird told me that Edible Arrangement (@dofruit) was doing a little promotion. For a small price of being a “fan” of their page, they will send you a coupon via e-mail to redeem a box of 6 piece fruit dipped chocolates. If you follow me on twitter (@theskinnyplate), I tweeted about this promotion when it was going on.

Never in a million years did I expect this freebie to be so nice. The whole process was nice and smooth, I handed them my coupon and they handed me my box of goodies. It was in a nice sturdy box with ribbon and all. Inside were 6 pieces of chocolate dipped fruit. Three strawberries, two dipped apples, and one dipped pineapple. The presentation was really nice, the fruits were extremely fresh and juicy (literally no bad apples here).

Edible arrangements has beautiful fruit baskets for every occasions. When I was at the store, their Halloween displays were in full rage already. The prices are a bit steep, but compared to a beautifully wrapped bouquet of flowers, I think the price is fair for all the fine handy work, special care and preparations it takes to create these edible boutiques that are guaranteed high quality. For someone special, I would not mind plucking down a pretty penny for these babies.

This is a great gift idea for foodies or people on a diet or special. Don’t forget, fruits are always vegan and vegetarian friendly and also naturally gluten-free (of course, you’ll have to leave off the chocolate dipping). Next time you need a good gift idea, give Edible Arrangements a visit. Check out more beautiful arrangements on their site.

Have you guys ever gotten an Edible Arrangement? Do you prefer it over a real flower bouquet?

Retails: Varies depending on Selection
My Cost: Free (w/ FB coupon)
Calories: N/A

P.S: Check out these awesome giveaways:
Campbell’s Soup , Waterpik, Mother’s Cookies, Fruition & Progresso Soup


Eating Bird Food is hosting a eggcellent giveaway from for Rachael Ray Cookware! Giveaway ends 10/30!”


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Do Not Open Any The Skinny Plate E-mails

I am so sorry for those who received some random “Hello~” e-mail coming from my e-mail (  Please ignore and do not open. My e-mail account has been compromised. I am in the middle of fixing it.   In the meantime, please do not open any e-mail from me until further notice. I apologize to those who have been affected. I will keep you guys updated. Hackers are mean!!

UPDATE (10/13/2209): I scanned my computer for viruses all last night, nothing came up. Then I changed all my passwords on wordpress, e-mail accounts, twitter, etc… Hopefully that will do it since I don’t see anymore weird e-mails shooting from my e-mail after I changed all my passwords. The internet is scary! I felt like I lost my identity in front of my face and I kind of felt helpless. As far as I know, my e-mails (hopefully) are safe to open again.


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Lynn Chen — White on Rice Movie

I’m sure all of you know already, our girl Lynn Chen over at Actor’s Diet is having her movie, “White on Rice”, coming out on September 11, 2009. Here is my repost to show my support!! And you can bet a million bucks I will be catching a showing.

Hello Everyone!

Starting this weekend my movie “White on Rice” opens in limited release – it’s a comedy I acted in over two summers ago, had an amazing time making, and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. The official site with trailer and complete info is at:

Getting an indie film into movie theaters these days is no easy feat and our success depends largely on our friends, families, and community being involved during opening weekend. If you or people you know live in one of the areas where “White on Rice” will play (see below), please support us by purchasing a ticket and encouraging others to as well!

If you’ve already seen the movie at a film fest or sneak preview (thank you!) I’d appreciate it if you would actively spread the word – every ticket helps our chances of expanding across the country. We don’t have a big budget for marketing so we rely heavily on word-of-mouth – chat us up at parties, email your friends, twitter, facebook, message boards, etc….

Here are the theaters we’re starting out in – for each one, we are booked for about one week, and will hopefully extend our stay if we do well at the box office.

SEPT 11th:

Los Angeles: Laemmle Sunset 5 (PRE-BUY your tickets NOW!)

8000 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

(I’ll be at the Q&A’s Fri night 9/11: 7.45p and 10p screenings)

Orange County/Irvine, CA: Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21 & IMAX

65 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA

(I’ll be at the Q&A’s Sat night 9/12: late afternoon, early evening screenings)

SEPT 18th:

San Francisco, CA: Metreon 101 4th St San Francisco, CA

San Jose, CA: Camera 12 Cinemas 201 S 2nd St San Jose, CA

SEPT 25th:

Salt Lake City, UT: Century 16 Cinema 125 E 3300 Salt Lake City, UT

Provo, UT: Provo Towne Centre: Cinemark USA Inc 1200 Towne Centre Blvd Provo, UT

Berkeley, CA (Bay area expansion): UA Emery Bay Stadium 10 6330 Christie Ave Emeryville, CA

OCT 30th:

Honolulu, HI Regal Dole Cannery 18 735 B Iwilei Rd.
Honolulu, HI 96817

This entire time, we’ll continue to play at film festivals like Woodstock, Temecula Valley, Calgary, San Diego Asian American, Hawaii International and more TBA. Hopefully we will be coming to a city near you soon!



Lynn Chen


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Sabra Hummus Roasted Red Pepper

IMG_0307Sabra hummus always has the prettiest presentation. The center is garnished with lots of red peppers and the color of the hummus is a creamy red color. The texture is consistent with the other Sabra hummus I’ve tried in the past — rich, smooth and really creamy. I’ve had hummus where the texture is grainy. Yuck! The red pepper flavor along with other spices complemented each other well. The red pepper flavor is not overwhelming, but I wish it could be a little stronger.  Because of the nice and creamy texture, I like it on my Alternative Pita Bread and inside my “crack wraps.” Hummus goes well with practically everything. Fresh veggies and Ak Maks are my other favorite hummus dippers. Costco has the best deals for Sabra hummus. You get a ginormous tub for only $5.99. I usually freeze half of the tub in little single serving sizes and leave the other half of the tub in the fridge. That gives me plenty of time to enjoy my hummus without feeling rushed to finish it before the expiration date.

Sabra has so many flavors I want to try. Doesn’t these names sound appealing? Cranberry & Fig, Sun-dried Tomato, Caramelized Onion, Chipotle, and Peppradew. Those are the new flavors Sabra just came out with. I haven’t even gotten a chance to try out all the original flavors yet and now you are telling me you have NEW flavors. Need to catch up. Would I buy the Roasted Red Pepper flavor again? Probably not since there are so many other Sabra flavors to try and I like the Roasted Garlic Flavor more. Of course, there are other lower in calories hummus out there on the market, but I like the smooth and creamy texture of Sabra so much that I don’t mind the extra calories.

One serving of 2 tbsp is 70 calories, 2 WW, 6 grams of fat (1 gram saturated), zero cholesterol, 120 milligram of sodium, 3 grams of carbohydrates, 1 grams of fiber, 0 grams of sugar and 1 gram of protein.

Retails: $4.49 per 10 ounce tub @ Pavilions
My Cost: $2.99 (on sale)
Calories: 70 per 2 tbsp
WW: 2

P.S: Check out this awesome giveaway:
Zebra Print Bags & Good Health


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SomersaultSomersaults are “baked goodness of sunflower seeds and toasted grains in a crunchy bite-sized nugget.” The size of these are no larger than the size of a quarter. Crunchy like a cracker, with whole sunflower seeds. I was surprised I like them so much.

Chez Cocoa: My favorite flavor of them all. Maybe because it is chocolate. The cocoa flavor is strong, a little sweet and a little salty makes these nuggets very savory. There are whole sunflower and sesame seeds in these cuties too. I think they add a great nutty flavor and texture to the product. The fat from the Somersaults come from the sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and a bit from the sunflower oil, so no worries. Those are great sources of monounsaturated fat and the seeds have polyunsaturated fat.  One serving of about 15 nuggets (30g) has 150 calories, 3 WW, 6 grams of fat (0.5 g saturated), zero cholesterol, 140 milligram of sodium, 16 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams or fiber, 5 grams of sugar, and 6 grams of protein. So good, so good. I can imagine this going really well with a cup of coffee.

Salty Pepper: Salty, defiantly not sweet. The pepper flavor is subtle and not overwhelming.  Lots of texture and whole sunflower seeds.  Yummy, but different from the more chocolaty Chez Cocoa. One serving (30g) is 150 calories, 3 WW, 7 grams of fat (1 g saturated), 5 milligram of cholesterol, 260 milligram of sodium, 14 gram of carbohydrates, 3 gram of fiber, 1 gram of sugar, and 7 grams of protein. Something ice cold will be a perfect match for this flavor.

Somersaults are the creation of some Bay Area natural foodies disenchanted by unsatisfying snack options who wanted a healthier, tastier option for active adults. The result is a packet of crunchy nuggets baked with simple ingredients – sunflower seeds, spices and toasted grains – but with more protein and less fat than a handful of almonds.  And the taste is as good as the three creatively-named flavors: S.S. Sea Salt, Chez Cocoa and Salty Pepper.

Here’s the scoop:
·       Well-balanced, nourishing, all natural
·       150 calories / serving
·       6-7 g protein & 3g fiber
·       No trans fats, nut free and baked in a facility that uses no nuts!
·       6 oz resealable pouch and a 2 oz grab-n-go

Somersault snacks is a really cute company. I love the packaging and cute graphics. Makes me want to eat the snack more because the packaging is so cute.  I always seem to forget that the mascot is meant to be upside-down so I end up opening the bag the wrong way. They have a good crunch factor and the small size of them makes one serving seem to last longer. These little buggers are filling  from the seeds and grains that contribute to 3 grams of fiber and 6-7 grams of protein. I appreciate the fact that these are not baked with tons of sugar and there is a decent amount of fiber and protein as far as snacking goes. Snacking doesn’t have to be empty calories. If vending machines had more snacks like these, life would be so much easier. They come in resealable 6 oz bags and smaller 2 oz pouches in S.S Sea Salt, Salty Pepper and Chez Cocoa. Want to try some Somersaults too? Visit their website and sign up for some. (Link located at bottom left hand corner.)

Retails: $1.79 (2 oz bag) online @ Somersault Snack Co
My Cost: Free
Calories: 150 to 160 per serving (30g)
WW: 3


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twitter Icon Yay! I’m on Twitter. Still trying to figure the ins and outs, but you can follow me on twitter @theskinnyplate Is it just me or is Twitter really addicting?


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