Wildwoods Organics Super Firm Tofu

Sp 10ozWish I had taken a proper photo of the package because I cannot find a picture of it ANYWHERE, not even on the official Wild Wood Organics web page. Weird. This photo is of the SprouTofu Super firm, but the one I got was the regular Wild Wood Organics Super Firm Tofu. I swear, Wild Woods Organics does carry that product, at least at Fresh & Easy. Fresh & Easy carries  a little selection of Wild Wood Organics savory tofu and firm tofu. My previous stir-fry tofu attempt was a failure because I did not know I was suppose to press all the water out of it before marinating it. The tofu ended up not soaking in the flavor which made it a disappointment. The Wild Wood Organics firm tofu has all the water pressed out of it so it was a firm block of tofu. It was easily manageable, not falling into pieces on me. I chopped it up into little squares and marinated in my Bone Sucking Good Sauce and marinated it overnight. The next morning, I plopped them into the oven and incorporated it on top of a huge bed of romaine lettuce salad. This was delicious!! The tofu took up a lot of flavor. After baking for around 40 minutes (flip 1/2 way), the tofu became really chewy. Not like meat chewy, just dense in texture. Another way I like to eat these is inside my La Tortilla Wraps. Usually I am content with just hummus, veggies, and salsa inside them, but adding some tofu gives my wraps more texture. I usually feel super stuffed after eating such a fiber and protein packed wrap.  Don’t take these little tofu block lightly, packed with 14 grams of protein, I find these REALLY filling for such a small amount.  My eyes were defiantly bigger than my stomach. You may laugh when you see the small block has 3 servings, but I recommend following the serving suggestion on your first try to see how filling these are. I think because the water is “pre-squeezed”, visually, the serving size looks small. A 3 oz serving is 100 calories, 2 WW, 4 grams of fat, no cholesterol, 45 milligram of sodium, 5 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber and 14 grams of protein. I like this new find. Wonder what the sprouted version taste like?

Retails: $1.70 @ Fresh & Easy
My Cost: $0.85 on sale
Calories: 100 per serving
WW: 1

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10 responses to “Wildwoods Organics Super Firm Tofu

  1. Yum – I love tofu! Glad this brand gets the thumbs up :)

  2. super firm tofu is my absolute favorite!

  3. I’ve always wanted to try Wild Woods products!!

  4. That sounds like such an awesome tofu! I haven’t been lucky enough to find their products in stores, but I’m going to keep my eye open.

    And I totally agree, although a simple hummus, veggies, and salsa does the trick, the tofu just adds a little something extra. :)


  5. I LOVE baked tofu! Baking gives it such great texture!

    I have never seen this brand; I like that the water is already pressed out for you!

  6. Great review! Sounds like a great meal!

  7. peanutbutterandjenny

    for some reason tofu just doesn’t do it for me — but i have a feeling it’s because i’ve never prepared it properly :) very likely!

  8. I don’t really like tofu, but I enjoy them baked. Thanks for the recipe!

  9. thanks for the blog shout-out! i am so glad i found your blog – all your reviews are fabulous. i am especially lovin the fiberful ends and pieces and kabocha info – i just bought my first one :)

  10. I love this stuff. Takes the work outa having to press and marinate the tofu….

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